Volvo 123GT update

Door panel to dye for…Get it? I should be a comedian!!

I dyed a set of red door panels in SEM Camel. The color is fairly close to the Volvo biege.


It may not be the exact color but it in very good shape and very servicable. Makes for a cozy ride.


My friend Gary gave me his old glove…shelf…OLD ?? Looks like new to me.

Now I have somewhere to put my Swedish mittens…oh yeah…and the American registration!


There…that looks pretty decent…I have seen worse. This will make for a comfortable drive to the All Swedish Meet tomorrow.

More later…



Volvo Amazon V8

Amazon Volvo 123GT V8This is an incredible V8 powered custom Amazon built in 1967. Starting with a new Volvo 123GT the builder created an icon in Swedish car history. We have learned that the car still exists in Germany and some Swedish enthusiasts are trying to bring it back home.

Amazon Volvo 123GT V8An aluminum Olds V8 was used with plenty of go-fast equipment.

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