Cult Car Carport Find: 1982 Volvo 245GLT Turbo

My neighbor a few houses down had a Volvo Turbo wagon sitting under a carport for a while. I walk my dogs by it every day and I give it a glance every time.

My wife know them a bit heard that they were thinking of donating it as their dream of restoring it will never materialize. I had no idea if it even ran.

We popped over there and it turns out to be one owner car. Never smoked in and completely rust free. With 176K on the odometer it has traveled less than the 2004 Volvo V70 we drove up in.

After a battery jump it fired right up and I went for a spin. The turbo is turboing and the overdrive is overdriving. The transmission is smooth and quiet.

It is loaded with the usual GL equipment as in power windows, power mirrors, A/C etc. Heat works great and even the fan is quiet.

1982 Volvo 245 GLT Turbo dirty 3

A fair price was suggested and I drove it home.

It had been sitting under the carport so it had a fair amount of dirt and dust covering the silver metallic paint.  After some serious scrub-a-dub a rather clean and straight 245GLT emerged:

1982 Volvo 245 GLT Turbo clean

Even the plastic head light bezels and grille are in great condition. Turbo emblem in the grille makes sure your neighbor knows you got the Swedish power.


1982 Volvo 245 GLT Turbo clean 2

The wheels can use some paint or powder coating but I love doing that stuff.


1982 Volvo 245 GLT Turbo rear

The interior is super clean and just needs a detail.

It does not move in reverse so something is going on there. I have to take a look when I have time. Right now I am finishing another project so this beauty will have to sit for a while.

More later…