Fall Vintage Volvo Meet

Every fall the Vintage Volvo gang get together for a “end of season” meet at the picturesque park by Lake Washington in Juanita. The weather was perfect and a good mix of vintage Volvos showed up.

Vintage Volvo Meet 2013 1800 white front side

This 1964 P1800 is a stunner. Can you say Simon Templar?
I like everything except the modern wheels.

Vintage Volvo Meet 2013 1800 white rear

Yup, looks good from every angle.


Vintage Volvo Meet 2013 Jensen 1800 white front

These older style Jensen bumper are about as pretty as it gets. They were replaced with more “modern” bumpers in 1966.

Vintage Volvo Meet 2013 1800 white air intake

Here is another item that was later replaced with a cheesy aluminum cover. This cast air intake is a thing of beauty!

Vintage Volvo Meet 2013 1800S blue

1967 1800S

Vintage Volvo Meet 2013 PV

Funny thing, there were more 444’s and 544’s than any other Volvo at this meet.

Vintage Volvo Meet 2013 PV two

See…they are everywhere!

Vintage Volvo Meet 2013 PV rear

Vintage Volvo Meet 2013 German BMW bike

Even some German iron manage to infiltrate the meeting. This very nice original BMW motorcycle is parked next to a Volvo 1800ES but we can live with it.

Vintage Volvo Meet 2013 German BMW 2002

Another German snuck in! A super straight BMW 2002 did not hurt anyone’s feelings, though. Kind of like the German version of the Volvo 142 model. Great color, stick shift and sunroof. What’s not to like?

We like all vintage and classic cars.

It was a good day for all!


Alan Berry’s Racing Red Volvo 544

Alan Berry is a very active member of the San Diego Volvo Sports Group. He not only enjoys vintage Volvos, he races them.

 He bought the car from a vintage race car mechanic in Fort Worth, Texas in 2006. It was set up quite aggressively and Alan change several items to make the car more “vintage friendly”.

The car is pretty much gutted, but it is all steel. It weighs 2080 lbs with a full tank minus driver. It has fairly stock suspension but Carrera shocks and Eibach springs helps the road holding. 205/50 15” Kumho race tires on 7” wide Torque Thrust wheels keeps the car upright in the corners but also looks great on this vintage body.

Windshield is stock glass and all the other panes are made of Lexan.

Engine is stock bottom end but it a lot of work has been done with the  head. The motor has 11.5 to 1 compression ratio so Alan use 110 octane leaded race fuel.
Dual Weber side draft 45’s mixes the racing fuel with oxygen and Stahl header gets rid of the spent gasses.

Usually Alan runs without a muffler at most tracks although some have noise restrictions (Like Laguna Seca) so then he installs a Magnaflow muffler for those tracks.

Alan tells us it is a “mid pack” car in a typical field of 35-40 pretty fast 2 liter cars. Alan seems to find himself in battle with a group of racers running at his pace like MGB’s, Porsche 911 and 914, Alfas,  Lotus, Cortinas Elans and Super 7’s.

His favorite race of the year is Coronado Speed Festival held at the North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego.

Alan, thanks for sharing your story with other car and race enthusiasts.
Keep the shiny red side up! Ed.