1959 Buick LeSabre

So…how did it come out?

 Very nice, thank you. 

It is hard to even fill up fuel, without getting in to conversations with folks:
I remember when aunt Betty and uncle Lester owned on of these”…

Higher resolution, please stand by...

More resolution...

Dumbest questions so far:

Did you paint it?

Is this Christine?

What kind of mileage do you get with that?

Are those fins real?

Thanks everyone that contributed and visited. I hope I inspired someone to restore another classic for yourselves and future generations.

What did I learn? 

Make it clear to your vendors/suppliers what you are expecting BEFORE committing. Then, make sure it happens that way. 

Keep working with it until it looks like you want it, until then, it’s simply not finished, and you will regret it later.

Don’t give up! If you hit the “bonk”, just close the shop and walk away. You can come back later and work, don’t rush it. 

When looking for a vendor or supplier, spend some time to ask around. Check our local car clubs: Who does good chrome, paint work, etc…Then go and look at some of their work they have done. Ask for references.

This car is now sold to Australia, and it received  “Best Car award” by Directors Choice at the GM 2000 American Car Display in Australia.

As you can see, Vilma is in really good company!

See what car they used for the poster for the Yarra Glen, Australia All GM car show!

“This is obviously a vintage car but if you are in the market for a new or used Holden take a look at Carsales.com.au
Sept 13, 2012

Up-date: in 2011 the car was used inside this rock and roll album produced for the European market.

I am honored.

Also, I learned that the car is now sold to a Holden dealer and sits on the showroom floor together with brand new Holdens.