Still Out There, vintage tin waiting for someone to rescue

We continue our series Still Out There.

Vintage tin is still sitting around for someone to save them from the crusher. I don’t know where these cars are today or if they still are around but that’s not the point.

Go out on a car or truck safari sometime.

Here is some inspiration:

Skoda Cabriolet

How about a super rare Russian Skoda convertible? Stock or custom, it could be cool.

Scoda Cabriolet 2

The interior could clean up very well. A turbo charged 4 cyl with a five speed? You would be the ONLY one at the car show!

Old Volvo 122S Sedan

Since we are looking at furrin’ material…here is a 1962? Volvo with the old style grille. Could make for a nice car if fixed up. Still being driven at this point.


Volvo 122 wagon

More Swedish iron. This 1967 wagon is a desirable car for vintage Volvo enthusiasts.

Black Falcon



This flat black Falcon was being used as a daily driver. I can think of worse cars. I think some shiny paint and it will be someone’s cruiser.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1970 Monte Carlo as seen outside a tire shop. It is fun to see nice iron being used as daily drivers as opposed to the standard econo boxes. This car is sporting the worlds longest hood. Cool design. The Monte Carlo was actually built on the Chevelle cowl. That actually opens up some possibilities: The Chevelle was available as a convertible. Imagine a Monte convertible. Someone needs to do this. Just saying!


Econolines anyone? These have some cool lines and deserves to be rescued. In these early 60’s vans you can still see the Edsel DNA in the head light surrounds.

Do yourself a favor…find a vintage car, truck or motor cycle and fix it up to your liking and then DRIVE IT !