Ed Roth’s Cars

I recent pod cast from Sweden about American cars brought up Ed Roth and how he was way more than a car builder. He was an amazing artist in so many ways.

That got me looking in my old “photo album”. For you millenials, it worked like this:

  • You first bought a roll of light sensitive material made from celluloid that could hold 24 or 36 pictures.
  • You stuffed said roll in your 2 lbs camera and took pictures.
  • Then you got in your 10 mpg Yank Tank and drove to some store for them in to be developed to little hard 3X5 inch paper cards.
  • A week later, you could drive back and pick them up and at a cost of about $10.00 for 36 pictures. Since this is the first time you see your work,  you probably end up throwing away half of them as they did not turn out.
  • Then you go to the book shelf and open up a huge hard backed book with clear plastic inserts and you put your little pictures in the pockets.

ANYWAY…I was walking around in So cal sometime in 1979, I THINK it was in Santa Ana. I stumbled across a nondescript building that said car museum or something like that. I had to walk in. The place was full of cars I had only seen in the movies. I apologize for dark photos as they are scan of said paper copies.


My notes on the back of this space ship said: Dual Triumph engines capable of 15 mph. I recall that the sign said something like this: Roth built this vehicle for a movie but the director got inpatient with the progress of the build. The director told Roth that it is only going to be backed out of a garage anyway and walked away. Roth build the car so it only went backwards. (I could be wrong about this story as this was like…100 years ago.


As an OCD Swede I had trouble with that the whole “museum” was very run down and dirty. Also, the cars appeared to not be well taken care of.

Red Baron

Who did not have a model of this one?? I sure did, back in Sweden in the late 60’s?

Mail Box Trike

Beatnik Bandit

Druid Princess

 The Addams Family TV series that ran on ABC-TV needed an appropriate vehicle for the Adams family. Roth and his team responded with Druid Princess.

Not a Roth car but worth an honorable mention, the roadster pick up seen on the Happy Days show.

Another car worth mentioning was the Beatles Flower Power painted Rolls Royce.

What really blows my mind about this is that it was about FORTY years ago!!

Famous customs just sitting…


I was aimlessly driving my Corvette 427 powered four speed 1957 Chevy around in Southern California in 1979 looking for trouble when and stumbled in to this “museum” somewhere in Southern California. I pulled in and finished listening to the Led Zeppelin song blaring from the Pioneer Super Tuner courtesy of Frazer Smith at KLOS Los Angeles.

I recall this place was in Anaheim.

Inside this dusty, dirty and neglected place I found all these world famous cars.

Sorry for crappy indoor flash photos but these are worth sharing.

Who did not build a model of this car?


Happy Days roadster pickup


Sonny and Cheers 1960 Cadillac


 Beatles Rolls Royce


…and some other odd stuff.