Ah, the seventies…was it better back then?

Your Humble Editor got his first job in America at Bel-Kirk Motors, a Volvo, Saab, Fiat and Datsun dealership. I found this photo on a promo booklet when cleaning up a corner at the dealership. I just found it again in my photo box. Come to think of it…I am sure there is already a generation out there that does not even know what a photo box is!

I think it is a cool picture. The sign on the roof was the last rotating sign in Kirkland before the PC and conformity police outlawed such a fine landmark.

The Z-car on the point was “today’s special” as we rotated that spot daily with an attractive used car. Once I bought a nice 1967 Volvo 122S wagon for $1000.00 and we stuck it on the “point” for $4500.00. It sold within a few days. Funny thing, they are worth about the same today. I guess they are not multi window VW buses, are they?

The ugly building in the background is an old GTE phone building that was once full of operators (remember those?) but they were replaced by machines and later computers. The windows were covered and it left that big blob in the landscape.

Also, check out the brand new orange Volvos on the roof. How could they think that the American public actually wanted orange cars??