Greenwood Show

Another “All American” show but this show attracts it’s fair share of imports and real hot rods.

Let’s start with the LAW!
The Seattle Police museum offered up a great selection of vintage cop cars.

Now, let’s check out the Swedish stuff:

…and some English rides: Minis anyone?

I am not big on Pro Strret cars these days but this super clean Dodge pulled it off.

Super clean install makes this car worth a second look. Way to go!

Super straight Old sedanette. Me want!

Everybody thinks there are all work $200,000 after the Barret Jackson sale but nevertheless, I want one.

The interior on these are just to die for…road trip any one??

The car was just bought with the intention of tearing off the fenders and slamming a big hemi in it. I suggested he takes my highboy 31 and butcher that one instead and let me be the custodian of this piece if history. Have not head back yet…

…till next time.

Billetproof 2012

Even though the calendar shows June 23rd the “spring” in Washington state has simply not arrived yet so outdoor activities have to be mixed with a lot of H2O. The 2012 Billetproof show was held under soggy ass conditions and the rain did not let up during  the whole day.

This may be the reason why it was not very well attended and the quality was not anything to write home about. As a matter of fact…I did not write home about it.

I felt I had to struggle to find some decent cars worth showing:


OK, that’s IT. I am now officlally SICK of flat black cars. I will not shoot anymore flat black cars…EVAR ! It felt good saying that.


This car is obviously not flat black. Nice car but a 3rd break light tells us it’s a converted street rod. I don’t know why that bugs me…


I do like these wheel covers.

This beautiful all original Bonneville was violated with a modern 4 spoke Motolita type steering wheel…I don’t get it…sigh…


One of the few shiny cars at this event. Nicely executed channeled model A.

Rocket engine earns the builder some points.

That’s all folks. Nothing else really got me excited. Kinda dissapointing. Now I am actually looking forward to Goodguys…street rods and all. I know I will find quality there.