1966 Ford Shortbed 4X4 Truck, Part 2

With a new rubber mat and reconditioned rubber boots the floor looks like new again. No, those silly fridge magnets on the glove box will not stay.
I cleaned up the rubber boots and painted the trim. I decided not to paint the shifter and 4X selector as I feel the patina tells a story.
New seat covers, new foam and to repair broken springs will run over $500.00. That was not in the budget. A trip to Pick & Pull yard yielded this bench seat for fiddy bucks. Works for me. I do plan to paint the steering wheel and I found a very nice horn ring at the swap meet.

The sun visor were toast so I opted for a new set. The truck only had one but I will add one for the passenger side. New headliner is ordered.

I tried to live with the dirty and dusty speedo but it got the best of me. It was filled with fine Yakima dust.

They really went out of their way when the installed the colored lenses for the indicator lights!  They were just taped on with clear tape. Fast forward 50 years and what is left of the tape is dark brown.
I took it apart and cleaned everything including the facia. I also put a fresh coat of paint on the dash panel and replaced all the bulbs.

The old door mirror was ugly and had bad glass. Found a nice mirror at the swap for five bucks.

I made a new rod from stainless tubing and polished it.
Found this super nice radio that will fill the spot where the ugly cassette deck was.
Now I am starting to like this rig and I can’t drive around like this.
The right bed corner is pretty banged up but I just found an NOS corner.
The truck is now with the best metal man in town and the bed will be like new.