N.W. Vintage Racing Pictures, part I

In a former life I was in the antiques business and I purchased a box full of old 8X10 black & white photos from the racing action on Aurora Speedway in Washington state. Some of these photos were taken before the war ended and I think they have a significant historic value.

Aurora Speedway Program

As you can see by the program above, Bob Murray’s Dog house was a proud sponsor and also a popular watering hole where drivers and fans would gather to talk about racing.

The Playland Amusement Park on 132nd and Aurora in Washington State hosted the  Aurora Speedway. Before, during and after the war people was looking for entertainment. With cars making folks more mobile than ever before it seems natural to jump in the car with the family and head to Playland.

WA Midget racing program

In the bottom of the above mentioned box I also found these original sign up sheets.

Take a look at the names in this drivers list. Shorty Templeman, Mel Anthony and Homer Norman among others. Mel Anthony is a legend of his own and still lives here in the North West. He is turning 90 years young this year and he still races!


Stay tuned for a more in on the racing action and of course lots of cool pictures from the racing action.