Volvo 123GT update

Door panel to dye for…Get it? I should be a comedian!!

I dyed a set of red door panels in SEM Camel. The color is fairly close to the Volvo biege.


It may not be the exact color but it in very good shape and very servicable. Makes for a cozy ride.


My friend Gary gave me his old glove…shelf…OLD ?? Looks like new to me.

Now I have somewhere to put my Swedish mittens…oh yeah…and the American registration!


There…that looks pretty decent…I have seen worse. This will make for a comfortable drive to the All Swedish Meet tomorrow.

More later…



Incredible 1969 Volvo 123GT

Jerry Rogers lives in Thalkirchdorf, Germany. He was a US service man in 1968 and bought a new 1968 Volvo Amazon 123GT back then. He owned it for for twelve years and then sold it.

As it so often goes he missed the car and found this 1969 GT eight years ago in Munich. It was originally sold in Switzerland.

1969 Volvo Amazon 123GTThe 123GT for Swiss market had two fog lights and just one switch on the left side dash.

The 1969/up Amazons including the GT cars did not have the hood spear or the rain gutter trim but Jerry added it and it looks great against the dark green paint.

1969 Volvo Amazon 123GT

In 1969 all Volvos all came with the new B-20 engine. The GT cars also got a stronger overdrive and better brakes.

Jerry replaced the stark white original interior with the beige interior found in older Volvos. I think it was a good choice. (yes, of course he kept the original stuff)

Note the lack of relays. The fog lights were wired without a relay on the 1969/up models. Also, note the much improved brake booster and cable operated clutch.

1969 Volvo Amazon 123GT

Thanks Jerry for sharing your very special Volvo with us.