Volvo 123GT update

Door panel to dye for…Get it? I should be a comedian!!

I dyed a set of red door panels in SEM Camel. The color is fairly close to the Volvo biege.


It may not be the exact color but it in very good shape and very servicable. Makes for a cozy ride.


My friend Gary gave me his old glove…shelf…OLD ?? Looks like new to me.

Now I have somewhere to put my Swedish mittens…oh yeah…and the American registration!


There…that looks pretty decent…I have seen worse. This will make for a comfortable drive to the All Swedish Meet tomorrow.

More later…



Project: Volvo 123GT

Stumbled across this 1967 vintage plate in an antique store for three bucks. It will serve well on my Volvo 123GT as a YOM plate. (Year of Manufacture) It took $47.00 to register the car to this plate. That makes it an even fiddy bucks for license for life…works for me.

The first letter “A” stands for Seattle as the order went by population at the time. At the time, in Sweden, “A” stood for Stockholm’s county, probably for similar reasons.

 Nope, installing the vintage plate did not fix the rust or the worn out paint but hey…it fits the car. Shabby chic is in you know and this GT qualifies as well.

Also, I don’t have to have a plate in the front.

123GT with Hella lightsWell, other that this vintage Swedish plate. I borrowed the front bumper from my 122 wagon for now as it had the GT brackets in place. With the original style Hella lights installed the car is looking more like it should.

Volvo Amazon 123GT interiorI threw in an old cloth carpet from another car I parted out for some comfort.

Volvo Amazon 123GT in garageAfter being stored at our island house it is finally home. Now I can work on it a bit more than before. Yes, there is another Amazon under the cover…It’s a disease!

The goal is to get it drivable and safe enough to drive to the All Swedish Meet in Issaquah in WA state on the 19th of Feb.

We have planned to bring at least three 123GT cars together.

One Canadian built, one built for the UK market (yup, right hand drive) and my POS and make a pretty parade. Should be fun.

See how it started here

More later…