1957 Chevy truck project, part 4

Somewhere along the lines of this project I decided to do some body work and then I shot the truck it hot rod matte black. I am not a fan of the “rat rod” look but I prefer it was uniform than spot painted. I left the interior in the Cadillac Poly green metallic as I think it is a nice color and it may get that shade added later.

1957 Chevrolet truck hot rod project

Since this is going to be a driver,  I added spray on protective bed liner.



Once I got it rolling again I brought it out for the whole picture look. Those polished Americans Racing wheels with rubber band tires ain’t makin’ it!!

As much as I like shiny stuff it has to be the right shiny stuff. A friend told me that there was a time when hot rodders thought that adding polished Americans will beautify anything. I bet that is true but it sure does not work right here in my driveway.

Traditional style have been popular for some time now and it is over used as well but is also timeless so let’s go with that.

Just like Clint Eastwood can draw his trusty 45 faster that any of the bad guys I can draw my Visa card. Swoosh! …and there it was next to the lap top.

1957 Chevy truck chrome wheels

A week later the brown truck stopped by and gave birth to these!



15X6 for the front and 15X7 for the rear, chrome OE steel wheels. OE stands for Original Equipment as in stock style wheels. Much better!

Well, let’s pop them on and have a look see shall we?

1957 chevrolet truck

1957 Chevrolet truck hot rod

2015-11-13 14.10.21

Much better. After alignment and charge of the A/C system I got myself a great parts chaser.

1957 Chevy Truck project, part 2

Since I am going with bucket seats for now I need a mid console.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck armrest

This is the armrest from an old Volvo center console. I had it recovered in leather. Leather = good!

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck center console

Frame for console.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck cup holder

Cup holders….cup holders, man…gotta have cup holders! Found these stainless units on the great interweb. They have a lot of stuff there.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck cup fastener

The cup holders did not have a way to be held in place so I added a stud and made a c-clamp.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck phone charger usb

Phone charger with USB and AUX jack.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck cup holders

This is Landau foam.Yup,the same stuff that is under your grandpa’s Cadillac vinyl top.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck center console vinyle'

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck center console finshed

I re-used the 1957 cigarette lighter as a power outlet as well. Console done and ready to offer a supporting roll in this truck’s future endeavors.