All Chevrolet Show

The XXX restaurant in Issaquah offer something fun almost every weekend. I was riding by and since the camera was in the saddle bag it was a good excuse to swing in and shoot some cars. Do you know what they have at all Chevy shows?? A ton of…Chevrolets.

This all stock 1952 truck was a favorite. Owned by Ron Payne and Debbie Beatenbough it was sitting tall and proud on stock suspension.

An absolute orgie in turquise!

Bipty-sebben-chebbies are all OK but I prefer these older Chevrolets. This mild custom is tastefully excecuted.

“She’s so fine…Bla,bla,bla”

When did you see a Yenko Chevelle last?

John Byerley brought out his 1969 427 Yenko car.

Yenko tuned 427…all business.

Clean Bibty Sebben Chebby

1951 Chevrolet with a 235 6 cyl engine. Very nice.

OK, that’s enough Chevrolets for a while.