1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod Build

The Model A build is still sitting on static pages but I have made this directory. These links should be all pointing to the build pages. If you find any bad links feel free to ping your Humble Editor.


Frame and suspension

Frame Part II

Frame, part III

1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod frame
1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod frame pinch
It is not necessary to pinch a 1932 frame to accept a ’30-’31 body, but I think one should, and here is why..

To pinch or not to…

Engine and Transmission

Including carburation options and accessories

Wheels and Brakes

Including pedal assembly



Including gauges and steering column


Electrical and Heater

Various Mock up stages

 …this one being an early one!

Body and sub-rails

Body Part II

Body, part III

Body, part IV

Roof Insert


Including floor, trunk with gutters, and tank

Well, how did it come out?

Mark Anderson’s Pre War 1931 Ford Hot Rod

1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod

1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod lights

Mark is a card carrying, astute and highly respected member of the World Famous Beggers Car Club in Washington State. As such he drives an appropriate car…daily. Yup, this is his daily commuter.


1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod rear side R

A lot of folks builds traditional style hot rods and some try to use only era correct parts. Some builders are more successful than others in this effort. There is not a single component that is made after 1940 in this car.


1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod side right

It’s all in the attitude! As you can see the car is not ridiculously low, it sits just like a car from that era should sit. Stance and attitude is everything. This original 1931 body rests on an original 1932 Frame. There is not one single reproduction piece on this car.

1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod hood side

Chevrolet (Ooops, sorry about that, Ford Fans) …anyway, you get over it!…Vintage Chevrolet hood sides offer these factory louvers for a great and different look. It also offers a practical solution as it helps with cooling of the flathead.


1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod engine

The flathead is equipped with two leaky Strombergs mounted on a vintage Weiand manifold. Mark did some thinking about the exhaust manifolds. What would the 1940’s hot rodder do for tubing? Well, a home built hot rod could very well have used flexible tubing and that’s what Mark went with. Looks great. Also, note the liberal use of copper tubing adding to the “right” look.

1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod interior

The office: Lack of door stops offer easy access. Seat belts are vintage aircraft units.


1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod attitude

Yup, it’s all in the attitude!

Thanks Mark for sharing your cool ride with us!



Old Car Breakfast Meeting

The first Saturday in every month the Whidbey Island car guys get together for breakfast. It is mostly the very active model A gang that shows up but it is open to anyone with a love for old cars.


I showed up for one of these meeting on a 30 degree day in the middle of winter with a sheet of ice covering the road but all the model A guys rolled in with their old Fords.

Well, on a day like this, the first really sunny day of the year here in Washington the parking lot turned in to a mini car show.


I pulled out my Canon SLR camera only to find out that I left the SD card at home. You will have to live with these lousy cell phone pictures but you get the idea.


This tow truck has been restored to the exact colors and lettering as when it was new. The owner found pictures of the truck when it was new and duplicated everything. It is an amazing truck.


This 1929 Sport Coupe has been in the same family for 70 years and still going strong. The current owners’s dad rebuilt the engine in the fifties and he has not touched it since.


The 390 powered Galaxie convertible sporting Keystone wheels is a nice ride.


Gary Formhals, the current president of the Whidbey Island model A club is doing a great job keeping the club active with many activities. His model A pickup certainly shows his enthusiasm in the quality of the restoration.


One of your Humble Editor’s favorite body styles. These shoebox Fords are just very classy cars.

After breaking bread with some fun loving car enthusiasts I was on my way to take care of the rest of my day in my vintage Volvo 122S wagon. Enjoying a vintage car on a two lane black top country road is one of my favorite things to do.