San Diego Volvo Club Spring Drive

As your humble Editor is suffering from a serious case of excessive moisture here in the North West it is not without some jealousy I admire these shots from the San Diego Volvo Club’s Spring Drive. It has been raining almost daily in Washington State for ninety days and it’s getting old. Well, enough with the weather report and let’s check out some nice vintage Volvos.

Josh Cantor from the club shared some great photos from the event and I am happy to share them with you.

First order of business: Add some high octane fuel for the high compression Swedish engines.

Someone is aspiring to be an airplane pilot me thinks.


Super nice Volvo 142. You don’t see enough of these anymore.


Volvo 122 with fender skirts. Not my cup of tea but creative.


These sculptures are scattered throughout Borrego.  Apparently a home developer has been putting them up to attract attention to the valley there.


The dragon is the most spectacular of them. Makes for great back drop.


A lonely 940 wagon in the desert. Think about it: These cars are going on twenty years of age already. Amazing.

Photo: Josh Cantor