1932 5W Ford up-date

This is the reproduction rear frame covers. They are about an inch short as they are supposed to reach the fender. Also, the alignment with the fender is totally off. The distance from the fuel filler neck is also off.


Photo: Chris Shelton

This is how it’s supposed to look like.There is simply way more material and a larger curve to meet the fender.

This is a special car…it is the world famous Gray Baskerville’s roadster.

Interesting story: The tank on this car came from Pete Henderson’s roadster. It’s the one made famous for racing (and beating) the quarter horse back in 1940 or so. It was removed from Henderson’s car when it was channeled in the ’60s as Gray’s tank had holes in it.

Well, back to the subject in hand. I called the supplier and was told they know it does not fit but that’s all we got. My question was: Why do you sell it then? Answer: “that’s all we got”

Whatever…they will now get it back. What a waste of time! I have located a set of originals and I look forward to get them.


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