A Visual Virtual Motorcycle ride

This was posted back in 2010 but your Humble Editor was reminded how great motorcycling is after a ride in a horrendous Seattle down pour yesterday. I was so starved for riding that the rain was not an issue. I had to get some steering parts for the ’31 hot rod build and this would also allow me to use the HOV lanes for some rapid transport. When I need hot rod parts they have to come fast…this is serious business!

Hydroplaning with a bike is…interesting though. Ride Safe!

Not a fair weather rider

That brings me to memories of warmer days. Washington state offers some great roads and views but the soggy winters can take it’s toll on the spirit sometimes. That is when you have to pull up some digital memories and warm the soul:

So let us take a virtual motorcycle ride on Whidbey Island. Located in Washington state’s north west corner, the island offers unprecedented views  and great riding roads. Be warned though: Local and state speed tax collector are standing by in large domestic sedans waiting for you to support the local budget.

It is not a very big island so you can hit all corners in a day.  If it looks like a BMW commercial…well, so be it…I love the bike.

The pictures were taken Dec 25 2010

By Port Townsend ferry landing.

Penn Cove, home of the famous Penn Cove mussels.

This building started life as Grennan and Cranney’s general store, Coupeville, ca. 1933. It was later used as the first court house on Whidbey Island. It was once filled with liars and cheaters…and maybe some criminals too!

Penn Cove…doesn’t get more peaceful than that…

 BMW motorcycle riding on Whidbey Island

 BMW motorcycle riding on Whidbey Island

Two Silver Bullets

BMW motorcycle riding on Whidbey Island

Fort Casey State Park

Well, there you go.

You know what they say: A bad day riding is better than a good day in the office…Well, a GOOD day riding is…REALLY good.

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