1957 Chevy Truck project, part 3

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck seat base

I found a pair of aftermarket bucket seats on Craigslist and I built these seat bases for them.  I lost the glove box because of the A/C so I installed this lockable drawer under the frame. I is actually a Bulldog gun vault so it is plenty strong. A perfect place for valuables and paperwork.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck carpet in

Carpet in place. The rear wall was covered with sound deadener and then carpeting.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck kick panel

We need tunes and for that we need speakers. The speakers speak the tunes, that’s why they call them speakers. They are permanently mounted in this kick panel made from textured automobile panel. If they were not permanently installed you would call them guest speakers.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck kickpanel installed

Kick panel in place and kickin’ it.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck console between

Cell phone fits perfectly behind the rear cup holder and the charging/AUX connectors. Now I need a tripple latte’

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck seats in

A throne for a king.


The previous owner had a smoothie attack. The dash was filled…for what? Where am I going to put my tunes?? How about right here!!


The radio is vintage looking but with modern guts. The radio offers AM-FM and it is connected to the AUX jack in the center console. Tachometer is a vintage unit from Dixco.

More later…