1957 Chevy Truck project, part 2

Since I am going with bucket seats for now I need a mid console.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck armrest

This is the armrest from an old Volvo center console. I had it recovered in leather. Leather = good!

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck center console

Frame for console.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck cup holder

Cup holders….cup holders, man…gotta have cup holders! Found these stainless units on the great interweb. They have a lot of stuff there.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck cup fastener

The cup holders did not have a way to be held in place so I added a stud and made a c-clamp.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck phone charger usb

Phone charger with USB and AUX jack.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck cup holders

This is Landau foam.Yup,the same stuff that is under your grandpa’s Cadillac vinyl top.

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck center console vinyle'

1957-Chevrolet-Hot-Rod-Pickup-truck center console finshed

I re-used the 1957 cigarette lighter as a power outlet as well. Console done and ready to offer a supporting roll in this truck’s future endeavors.