Hydralic Jack Bottle Release Valve made easy (for old guys)

I was going to title this tech post “easy release for old folks” or “easy screwing” but that may be construed as something that should belong in a different forum.

I don’t want to date myself or anything but some aspects of playing with cars can be hard on the old body for those of us that are not getting any younger. These days I find myself checking more than twice before I head down on the creeper to make sure I have ALL tools needed for the job. Otherwise, I have to get back up again!

As some tasks can be harder to do with things like arthritis I always look for ways to make it easy for myself. One thing is fore sure: I am are not giving up my favorite hobby!
I have tried collecting stamps…you know what? It’s not working for me! Curling…kinda sux too. Old cars is what it is about.

Hydralic Release valve

I always found the release function on hydraulic jack bottle less that practical for several reason. As you know, these things are found on the engine hoist, the press and other devices. For one, I have to remove the lever tube from the jack in order to release the pressure and that can make for a lot of back and forth especially if you are for example trying to install an engine carefully. Second, if I try to turn the tiny release valve with my arthritic hands it can be hard or impossible or you end up turning too much or too fast.

Maybe you find this “tech” solution silly but if it can help even one person it is worth it.

Hydralic Release Key Fab

Use a tube with a slightly larger inner diameter than the valve screw body. I then drilled a hole slightly smaller than the pin on the screw.


Hydralic Release Key Fab hole

Use a cutting disk to split it just past the hole.


Hydralic Release Key Fab handle

Add a handle.


Hydralic Release Key Fab Tap

Tap to install.


Hydralic Release Key Fab turn easy

Turn with ease.