Swedish cars at the GoodGuys Hot Rod show

Most folks do not connect the GoodGuys hot rod show with sixties cars but they did open up for later model cars for good and bad. The bad part is that it can be easily saturated with muscle cars but the good part is that it may bring in some of the muscle cars folks in to older hot rods. We are all gearheads in the first place so all things with a combustion engine is fun. Even less expected at a venue like this would be Swedish cars but here we can show a couple that did not have a problem fitting in.


1969 Saab Sonett side

Dan Morley from Gig Harbor brought this very clean 1969 Saab Sonett. Powered by a pretty snappy German designed V4 combined with front wheel drive and a fiberglass body it was a rather sporty car when it was introduced.

1969 Saab Sonett

Because of the material chosen for the body it was sometimes referred to as the “Swedish Corvette” The small bumpers looks great on this car but the looks were murdered in 1973 when the government demanded huge logs to be installed in each end.


1967 Volvo Wagon 2 door angle

This is a 1967 Volvo 122S wagon that has been customized and converted to a two door.

Alan Susnow built this GM V6 powered Volvo.

1967 Volvo Wagon 2 door

Slanted door posts makes the two door conversion look good. I am not a fan of shaved door handles but this is America, land of choices.

1967 Volvo Wagon 2 door front

Customized from with the classic Volvo “slash”


1967 Volvo Wagon 2 door engine A compressor helps the V6 get more oxygen and a T5 five speed trans offers Alan good ratios and an overdrive fifth gear. The independent rear end was taken from Jaguar.

Alan added A/C to keep this Swedish box cool.

I am sure we will be covering some Swedish cars here again…’til then, get out in the garage and build something!