Project 1980 Chev Truck: If it is not fast enough…CHROME IT !!

Upgrading to a stock Mr. Goodwrench V8 engine is not much to write home about but it will certainly be more exiting than the completely smogged out 6 cylinder 4.1 liter paper weight that was occupying the engine bay on our shop truck.

1980 Chevrolet Truck old engine

This thing is not only gutless, it is ugly too. Out it goes. It will be recycled and probably melted and made in to an iPhone frame or something high tecky.

I opted for the V8 engine because I need more power when I use the truck for towing. Besides, there are few engine sounds that are more pleasant  than the rumble from the good ‘ol American V8.

One way to get more power out of a stock engine is to add more chrome. The more chrome the faster it will go. I do say on our FAQ page that a tasteful amount of chrome is preferred. This was before I went shopping for SBC chrome. SBC as in Small Block Chevy. I have for the longest time worked with Olds, Buick and foreign engines and just about everything is expensive for them. However, in the SBC world they practically GIVE you the shiny stuff.
I mean, valve covers for ten bucks or an SS-454 air cleaner clone runs twenty bucks.

Because of this I decided to clad said SBC with stupid amounts of chrome. Why? Because I can! Because it’s cheap! Because it’s fun!

Sort of a Small Block Parody!

Here is the current chrome shopping list:

Valve covers
Air Cleaner
Heater hose fitting
Upper and lower alternator brackets
Water pump pulley
Crank pulley
Power steering pulley
Thermostat housing
Timing tab
Fuel pump
Fuel pump plate
Fuel Pump Fitting
Plug wire holders
Polished stainless headers

1980 Chevrolet Truck engine bolts

…and of course a pile chrome bolts to install the chrome with.


1980 Chevrolet Truck engine compartment

Now I have to detail the engine compartment as well but hey…it has to look good now with the new shiny chromed out engine, right?

After pressure washing it looks like this. Some primer and a coat of GM chassis satin black with take care of this.

1980 Chevrolet Truck 350 engine distributor

I also replaced the water pump and the whole distributor. The A-1 Cardone water pump was twenty bucks and a complete 65K distributor complete with coil was forty nine bucks. Like I said, they give this 350 stuff away.


1980 Chevrolet Truck 350 engine motor mounts

A set of new motor mounts where called in to hold on to the V8 with the torque fest starts.

More later…