Jan-Olof “Jolo” Olsson 1958-2016

I met Jolo in school on the 9th grade in a small town called Tranemo in Sweden. He was into mopeds and all things mechanical just like myself. Once we became old enough to drive cars we focused on American cars. I drove a 1957 Chevrolet, Jolo drove his hot rodded Chevelle. We cruised our cars (Swedish Graffiti) as often as we could afford fuel and went to car shows together.


I moved to USA in 1982 but I stayed in touch with the old gang. Jolo and our friend Claes came over to America to visit in the early eighties.¬†Here he is stylin’ next to a Chevrolet Impala.

They stayed at my house and when I came home from work they were sitting on the lawn by the street. I asked them why?
The answer was: “We are listening to V8 cars”


Being all about cars, they visited several wrecking yards and they came home with several treasures. One of the finds were a Ford Detroit Locker third member. They built a cage in wood and added a handle so they could take it on the plane as carry on!! Those were the days!


Since they are Chevy guys they were not pleased with this Ford part, hense the “holding your nose” pose. Note era correct clog footwear! (Jolo right)

I went back to Sweden this summer and met with Jolo. Jolo opened up his home and we spent the whole night talking about cars and hot rods.

1964 Ford Galaxie

The next day we went to the Wheels & Wings show in Falkenberg in his beautiful big block 4 speed 1964 Ford Galaxie. Here he is backing out of the driveway with nothing but a big grin on his face.

Crusing Sweden 2016

We spent the whole night cruising the town with Jolo and my friends Roland and Claes. It was like 35 years never happened! Bonus: My sister and her son came down to Falkenberg as well and we all had a great time.

Jolo left us very suddenly while working in his car shop. Claes was there and tried to revive him but Jolo had moved on to the big muscle car place in heaven.


Jolo, you will be missed! RIP.