1971 BMW R60/5 motorcycle

I always loved the look of vintage BMW motorcycles and their engines. I figured I would build a custom BMW bike at some point.

1971 BMW R60 motorcycle side

Just to see what’s out there, I clicked on motorcycles on that local interweb classified page. One should never click in classifieds that may contain your dream ride but there it was…a 1971 R60/5 and yes, it followed me home. What can I say!

As an original unmolested bike it would be a shame to tear it apart to build a custom. I think this bike should remain pretty much stock and enjoyed as it is.

1971 BMW R60 motorcycle logo

The R60/5 was produced between 1970-1973. The 599cc engine was rated at 46hp @ 6,600rpm and could move the 440 lbs. bike to a top speed of 102mph.

Prior to the R60/5 the BMW motorcycles was rather sluggish and boring.

BMW stole Hans-Günther von der Marwitz from Porsche and that was a good thing as his first job was to design a new bike…this one.

The new design called for an improved engine. The engine now uses a chain driver cam shaft and the connecting rods came from the 2.8-liter 6-cylinder car engine. The electrical system was upgraded with a 12-volt alternator and electric starter.

The new tubular frame was lightweight and 7.3-inch drum brakes were responsible for the stopping part. Another brilliant design solution by Hans-Günther (yeah, I feel like I am on a first name basis with this dude) was that the drive shaft also served as part of the swing arm.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle

The suitcases…ahem, the saddle bags are like new, not a scratch.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle saddle bags

The seat is perfect as well.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle original keys

It came with original keys for the saddle bags and the seat lock.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle bike cover

Bike cover…then again, why would you want to cover this beauty? I can just sit and look at it!


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle Mikunicarb

The previous owner just added these Mikuni carbs. The work well so I will just leave them. I did get the original Bing carbs with the bike.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle Tools

A full set of the original tools was found under the lockable seat.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle manuals

Repair manual and the original owner’s manual complete with previous owner’s handwritten notes.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle headlight chrome

I am a firm believer in “less is more” so I think this chrome bar need to go. I like chrome and cool accessories as much as the next guy but these vintage BMW bikes bring out the practical utilitarian in me.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle lights

More “take off” stuff. These LED auxiliary lights are brighter than the stock head light but they don’t look right on this bike. So off they go. Maybe they get recycled as back up lights on my truck or something.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle take offs

BMW R60 diet:

None of this is needed to ride this bike and it looks better and cleaner as well.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle headlight yellow bulb

Do like the French…use a condom…safety first you know! This cover makes the white H4 bulb emit…you guessed it…Yellow light!  Looks great on a black bike.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle headlight yellow

Without the head light bar. Looks cleaner.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle mirror

The bar end mirrors did not look era correct so they had to go in favor of these perfect stock units.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle rear shocks

Sexy! The new rear shocks came delivered in red fishnet stockings. This are IKON brand and they have both adjustable pre load settings and rebound. I added for the top cover as that makes them look like a factory part.


1971 BMW R60 motorcycle top

There it is. Lighter, cleaner and meaner as in pure motorcycle.It will be a great summer.

Bellevue Ford Meet 2016

With sunny and 80 degree weather I was looking forward to a full parking lot of vintage Fords mixed with other classics. That did not happened.

It is pretty clear that there is a generation shift going on. This very established meet get smaller for every year that goes by.

1932 Ford Tudor original

I hate to say it but the think the ’32 Ford generation is dying off and it is being replaced with  something else like muscle cars. Everybody want to drive what they drove in high school. Well, anyone that drove a thirties car in high school is pretty old by now.

Having said that, there were some nice cars to check out:

2016 Ford Meet Ford Coupe

This owner of this1936 Ford encurages passerby folks to help peel off the old red paint. Maybe one day it will be all black again.


2016 Ford Meet Ford hot rod rear

A few nice hot rods were present like this cool fenderless and radically chopped 1933 Ford coupe.


2016 Ford Meet Ford hot rod front

Looks good coming or going.


2016 Ford Meet 1954 Ford convertible

1954 Ford convertible. How to cruise in style.


2016 Ford Meet 1954 Ford convertible emblem

Yup, they don’t make emblems like they used to!


2016 Ford Meet Buick Riviera

Buick Riviera cruising by…one of the best looking Buicks…evar!


2016 Ford Meet 1954 Ford wagon

I don’t normally like stationwagons but this makes me want one!


2016 Ford Meet Thunderbird

How refreshing! A well used un-restored 1955 T-bird. This car had a nice rebuilt engine but the owner had resisted the typical restoration. The car is very straight but shows signs of years of use.


2016 Ford Meet 1955 Thunderbird engine

It is clear that the owner freshened up the engine and we approve!


1964 Ford Fairlane

I guess it’s been a while but I just realized how small the 1964 Ford Fairlane is.  The car is just right if you ask me.


1931 Ford Roadster hot rod front

Doug Grande’s 1930 Ford Roadster hot rod.


1931 Ford Roadster hot rod

1931 Ford Roadster hot rod interior

1930 Ford hot rod interior.

1931 Ford Roadster hot rod rear detail

1930 Ford Hot Rod rear detail.


2016 Ford Meet 1936 Ford truck

1936 Ford truck


1963 Ford Galaxie convertible

Let’s round this report off with a very nice 1963 Ford Galaxie convertible.