Model Y Hot Rod Truck, part VI

The project is coming along nicely with the practical elements taking as much importance as the aesthetic ones. The bed is finished and Mike is on to the next item on the list; the battery box.

battery box round bar

Mike started by welding a rounded metal bar to the chassis.

battery box sides

With the rounded metal bar now fitted to the chassis, Mike created the sides of the box with sheet metal and it was welded to the round bar and the frame.

battery box bottom

The bottom was added and…Voilà…a battery box is born.  Simple, easy and out of the way.

battery box

The area in front of the battery can be used for the fuse panel. The area will be serviceable via a access door in the truck’s floor board.

As always, if you have any questions or if you have any ideas as to what you’d like to see done to the 1935 Ford Model Y Hot Rod, then head over to CVI’s Facebook page and check out their blog for the latest updates.

Model Y Hot Rod Truck, part V

In the fifth installment of the Ford Model Y Hot Rod Truck project Mike is focusing his attentions on the bed.

As  the bed is rather noticeable, Mike spent a lot of time ensuring the wood fits well.
To keep the vintage look to the project Mike opted to use stained recycled wood and it’s safe to say his work looks great.

1935 Ford Model Y Truck 2

Drilled brackets are ready for the wood.

1935 Ford Model Y Truck 3

Looks good.


1935 Ford Model Y Truck 4

All the inserts are now cut, fitted and bolted to the frame.

1935 Ford Model Y Truck 5

The bed was test fitted to the frame and body.


1935 Ford Model Y Truck
In keeping with the vintage style of this build, the tried and true 1939 Ford tear drop tail lights with blue dots were used.

1935 Ford Model Y Truck 8

The project is taking shape and a hood has been test fitted as well.

If you have any questions you would like us to ask Mike then please get in touch via CVI’s Facebook page and make sure you visit CVI’s blog to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest news on this project.

Stay Tuned…

From the archives: Volvo 164

Sometimes we look through an old photo album and find a picture of a person or place and we will be waxing nostalgically about that memory. For us car dudes and car dudettes there are other things that may be hiding in old photo albums: Old CARS!!

Pictures of cars or motorcycles we use to own. Of course we always say:
“I wish I kept that one” but you know you would not own any of the other cars that followed if you did, and what fun would that be?

Volvo 164 front 3

This latest photo album dive started with me finding this car behind a house. This looks to be a 1974 with the Federally MANDATED huge A$$ park benches as a sad excuse for bumpers. Other than that: We dig it. Love the color…or what’s left of it.


Volvo 164

This prompted us to take a look back in my brother’s album from 1981. That does not sound too long ago but these are 33 year old pictures. Ronald Regan became president, Muhammad Ali retires, Lady Diana marries some dude named Charles and the 52 Iran hostages was released.

This is a 1972 model. This is the first year for flush door handles. We would probably not opt for the pop-up sunroof today but at the time it was all the rage. We like those super rare optional Volvo wheels. The we sold black but just like the valve cover on this car they got 
polished. Jan Wilsgaard designed a concept car called P358 and that design would be used for the 164 design.

Did you know that they did not have mobile phones back then??!! How did they survive?
I mean, people were not able to instantly post a picture of their meal on the great big web, how did they manage get thru life?? …and what about the people that did not get the benefit of seeing that meal, how did they cope?? Just saying…those were hard times!


Volvo 164 rear

Swedish Butt: The earlier 164 cars had the smaller 140 style tail lights but the big”164″ on the rear facia made sure everyone knew you were traveling in style and comfort.

Volvo 164 side

A stylish car from every angle. Speaking of waxing…my brother is still talking about that super smooth six cylinder with amazing low end torque. This car was equipped with 4 speed overdrive and you could hit second gear very quickly and enjoy the 6 cylinder power.

Photo: Lars Åström