Ford Model Y Hot Rod Truck, part IV

Part 4 of the UK restoration project sees Mike Hill this week welding the pick-up bed frame and repairing the doors on the Ford Model Y. The English Fords had a lot more wood in them than the US counter parts so Mike replaced the rotten wood with steel. Wood worms HATE steel!

Next week there will be an interview of Mike at Survivor Customs about Hot Rod background and more importantly, what are the final plans for the Ford Model Y Hot Rod.

If you have any questions you would like us to ask Mike then please get in touch via CVI’s Facebook page and make sure you visit CVI’s blog to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest news on this project.


The bottom and rear facing panel is all wood so out it goes. The pieces were used to create a template for the metal that will replace it.

As you can see, originally the tin was just nailed to the wood. Now it will be a steel structure.


After installing the steel the door was stripped and ready for test fit.


During the process the doors were test fitted to make sure of proper gaps.

blured-out-768x1024Mike fabbed up a bed frame that will covered with repurposed wood.


Mike added gussets in the corners that will serve as attachment points for the wood.

Stay tuned!

Model Y hot rod truck, part III

We continue the report on the Model Y hot rod truck taking shape in the UK.


This week Mike turning his attention to fitting the gearbox and shortening the drive shaft to fit the Ford Model Y Truck project.

For more about Mike and Survivor Customs, check out his Facebook page. And watch this space. The project will also be shared on Cherished Vehicle Insurance’s Blog


Fabricated gearbox mount fitted to a modified Model Y Ford crossmember.


BMW E30 drive shaft shortened by 4 inches and now connecting the BMW 5 speed  m60 transmission to the rear axle which is from a Kia Sportage.


The BMW alternator had to be relocated underneath the engine to create more clearance with the chassis. A custom mount and tensioner took care of that.


Original model Y Ford brake and clutch pedals were reused but relocated and modified to fit the Nissan Micra brake booster and cylinder.

More later…

Model Y Hot Rod truck Part II

We continue the coverage of a model Y truck built in the UK.

Mike Hill at Survivor Customs has been working endlessly on the project from his Middlesbrough workshop. This time, Mike focused his attention on certain parts of the vehicle’s body, completing the rolling chassis and mounting the engine in a mock up stage of the build of the hot rod truck.

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Custom built chassis tie bars and suspension setup


Front of chassis and reclaimed front grill from another Ford truck, that has been altered to fit the Model Y


Full custom built front axle and quarter elliptical front suspension


Steering box and body shell mounted to chassis


Engine and gearbox mocked up in place, body shell also mounted to chassis


Engine mounts fabricated and fitted.


Here we are: A rolling chassis and body mocked up with drivetrain.  Motivation comes from a 3.5 liter BMW M62 engine with a 5 Speed m60 gearbox.

Follow a Ford model Y transition to hot rod truck

You have probably heard of Model T, model A and even model B…but how about model Y? Huh?

Yes, the model Y Ford was built in several contries including Germany and UK. It was smaller than it’s American counterpart and powered by a small 4 cylinder engine. One thing is for sure, they make for an excellent choice for a hot rod.


The subject: A 1935 Ford two door sedan.

Fabricator Mike Hill from Survivor Customs, based in Middlesbrough in the North East of England, will be carrying out this personal project and we will be following his progress from start to finish.

In Mike’s words:

“The first main reason why I chose the Model Y Ford for my project is that I think the shape of the car is perfect. I love the way all of the lines flow around the car and I’ve used these lines in the other parts of the build to accent the body. The Model Y was also the first Ford car to be built in this country following the American imported Model T and Model A Fords. The styling of the English Ford was very similar to the American predecessor; therefore it’s very nicely fitting for a hot rod project inspired by all-out American hot rods of the 1950s.”

Though in its early stages, the project is under way and we will soon start updating with posts and photos of how the project is coming along. .

Mike’s technical knowledge and experience means we will get to see the project really stripped to the bones and totally deconstructed to later emerge as a hot rod.

For more about Mike and Survivor Customs, check out his Facebook page. And watch this space. The project will also be shared on Cherished Vehicle Insurance’s Blog

Here are some photos of the build so far:



Car stripped down to a bare shell ready to undergo work.


Car roof chopped down 4 inches and body shell shortened by 12 inches to create the truck shell.


Shell welded and cleaned back to metal finish with welds flushed off.


Front quarter elliptical suspension fabricated and mocked up in place.


Rear axle and suspension.

Stay tuned.

Rare 1967 Volvo Amazon 123GT on eBay, no reserve!…with parts car!


1967 Volvo Amazon 123GT

Vin # 133351M-251533
1967 volvo 123GT right side
1967 volvo 123GT Left Hella light
1967 volvo 123GT right side Hella light
1967 volvo 123GT left Hella detail
Hella Spot light
1967 volvo 123GT right Hella detail

Hella Fog light


1967 Volvo 123GT front 1967 Volvo 123GT left side 1967 Volvo 123GT LR 1967 Volvo 123GT RF 1967 Volvo 123GT RF2 1967 Volvo 123GT right side 2

1967 Volvo 123GT engine left 1967 Volvo 123GT engine right 1967 Volvo 123GT interior right 1967 Volvo 123GT interior 1967 Volvo 123GT left door panel 1967 Volvo 123GT rear seat 1967 Volvo 123GT rear GT emblemNOS truck 123GT emblem. Note rust in corner. 1967 Volvo 123GT loud horn

GT only Loud Horn
1967 Volvo 123GT left fender mirror 1967 Volvo 123GT right side mirror 1967 Volvo 123GT left side Recaro


1967 Volvo 123GT right side Recaro

Passenger side Recaro Seat adjusters

steering wheel

GT steering wheel is very nice. The center hub has a crack and the GT horn button has a crack. They are now finally being reproduced.

overdrive and floor
Overdrive and floor

new brake hoses and lines

Recent brake pads and Bilstein shocks, new brake hoses and caliper brake line.

Volvo 122S body side 2

Solid parts car

Volvo 122S body

Volvo 122S body side

The parts car have a super straight body and floors are perfect.

NOS and like new trim

NOS and like new trim moldings for the gutters and rear lower window moldings.

NOS lenses

NOS or like front and rear new lenses, rubber gasket and reflectors.

NEW blink rubber housings

New rubber housings for the front blinkers.
NOS trunk mldg

NOS trunk molding

Underhoods light and 4 way flasher

Rare GT only under hood and trunk lights, actually five of them. Also, rare Canadian GT 4-way flasher included and fog light wiring..

1967 Volvo 123GT tool kit

Complete correct factory tool kit.

Volvo 123GT Speedometer

Super nice speedometer housing. If you have been around vintage Volvo chances are that you have never seen one with the grey wrinkle finish intact. This speedo is!

volvo 123GT engine

Code 496860 GT engine

123GT vin number

Vin # 133351M-251533

123GT Volvo for sale

Dent in roof

driver side front

Rust on driver’s floor board and the transverse beam under this area is weak.

driver side rear floorTwo small rust holes in floor behind driver seat.

pass side rear floor

Rust hole in floor behind passenger seat

trunk left
Some filler in the corner
Trunk right side

right side wheel well.

engine compartment right side

Rust under battery area

right rear rockerRockers have rust and filler.



1938 Ford Cabriolet

I think the 1938 Ford is one of the best looking cars ever made. I was a young pup I was following  a now out of business Swedish Car magazine’s project. It was called project ’39 but the car turned out to be so rusty they actually ended up using a 1938 body.  The car left a serious impression on your Humble Editor’s brain.

1938 Ford Cabriolet RF


The first xerographic print was made, teflon was invented, the Biro brothers invented the ball point pen, Action Comics released a new hero, some flying guy called Superman and Disney released a movie about Snow White and some short friends..

In Europe trouble was brewing and in America the Great Depression was still having a firm grip on the economy.

And…Ford offered a Model 82A Standard and a Model 81A Deluxe model for the 1938 model line.

1938 Ford Cabriolet right rear

The 1938 cars were an extension of the ’37 cars with the smother and streamlined bodies including the headlights inside the fenders. These cars sold for $600 to $800.

This car is a Cabriolet and it was one of two cars your humble Editor was looking at when I was in the market for an open Ford.

Unlike a roadster the cabriolet had roll up windows for a cozy cabin when convertible weather is not offered by the weather gods. When I look at these pictures I sometimes wonder if I made the right decision as I ended up with a 1937 Cabriolet seen in other posts on this site but I am at peace with my decision. If I had the option I would have owned both but I am sure it ended up in a good home.

1938 Ford Cabriolet right

This car was actually assembled in Argentine. They were sent down in “knocked down” condition. All parts were genuine Ford components.

The US economy was still hurting from the Great Recession while the Argentinian economy was doing well. A lot of desirable Ford ended up there.

1938 Ford Cabriolet left rear

This is when you say: “they don’t make ’em like the used to” Just look at those rear fender flowing back to be finished with that famous tear drop tail light.

Sigh…just stunning!

1938 Ford Cabriolet front

The owner of this car spent many years doing business with Argentina and everytimes he visited he would look for nice Fords. The US dollar was strong at the time so he did have some purchase power.This car just like your Humble Editor’s was born with the steering wheel on the “wrong side”. Both cars were converted over to left hand steering when they arrived.

Anyway, this was a nice car worth sharing.