Crusing Linköping, Sweden, part II

Since is an international conglomerate we have highly trained reporters on all sides of the globe. World Famous Hard Boiled Reporter Lazze Åström in Sweden risks his life to get us the best shots for us. Here is what he found during an infiltration of a car meet in Linköping, Sweden:

Sweden 1957 Chevrolet

The mandatory 1957 Chevrolet that has to be at all car meets. This is a fine example but I feel the Chrysler convertible in the background is more exciting as long as the owner gets rid of those horrible Euro wheels.

Sweden 1957 Chevrolet rear

Trailer hitch tells us that the owner is probably hauling a vintage caravan around when it’s time for the mandatory Swedish four or five weeks vacation. Why do I live in America??


1933 Ford Hot ROd

More ZZ Top: 1933? or ’34 Fjord Coupe Street Rod


1938 or 1939 Ford truck

1938 or ’39 Ford truck. Very cool.  Note the two blonde hot chicks next to the truck…that’s how all Swedish ladies look like. We do NOT feel sorry for Swedish men! Remind me again…why do I live in America??


1955 Chevrolet two door hard top

Since we showed a ’57 Chebby we better show a ’55 as well. This one is tasteful with the American style wheel and small whitewalls.


1958 Chevrolet Impala

More Chevrolets: 1958 Impala Sport Coupe


1958 Chevrolet Impala rear

Sweden Model A Hot Rod front

1930-1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod. Well done.


Sweden Model A Hot Rod

Too low for your Humble Editor’s taste but hey, this is America…ahem, Sweden, land of choices!


Sweden Mustangs

My Mustang Fastback is faster that your Mustang…bla, bla, bla…


Sweden Chevelle

What is cool with this Chevelle? Well, for one, it is in perfect condition. The other cool part is that it is NOT a bright red Super Sport with a 396 4 speed. It is probably sporting a 307 with a Powerglide. Nice!


Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang…like you didn’t know that!


1959 Ford Cabriolet

1959 Ford Convertible.

Since we are in Sweden we best check out some Swedish cars:

Volvo Amazon Wagon Combi Estate

Yeah, it’s a bit rusty in the rockers and doors but it does have the mandatory roof rack and fender mirrors. I am sure it will be restored at some point.


White Volvo 1800

Jensen built Volvo P1800. Check out the older solid rims that has been widened but they kept the old hub caps. We like.


Volvo Amazon red

One of the best looking Volvos of all time: Volvo Amazon. Assuming it is stock this would be a 1969 or 1970 model based on the absence of the hood spear and drip rail chrome. Volvo deleted this as of the 1969 model. 46 Red 122 with Minilite or Minilite look-alike wheel. You can’t go wrong with this set up.

Abedeabedeahabedea…That’s all folk.

Photo: Lazze Åström
Text: The Humble Editor

1980 Chevy truck V8 install progress

You would think that replacing a six cylinder engine and installing a V8 in a vehicle that was originally designed to host such an engine would be easy. Well, it IS easy but there are several items that need attention: Wiring, cables and other fitment issues comes up and have to be dealt with.

1980 Chevrolet C10 truck bay

Engine bay all cleaned up and painted. Not show car stuff but stock looking and neat.


1980 Chevrolet C10 truck chrome engine

Wroom-Wroom! (automotive technical term) Chromed up Chevy small block ready to go in.


It became quickly clear that the flange on the “stainless” headers were not so…ahem…stainless. The manufacturer just welded the tubes to ferrous metal flanges and called it a day…or night depending what time it was.

With the sharp laser cut edges and total lack of corrosion protection all you have to do is walk in to the garage and mention the word “moisture” and they would start to rust.
Maybe to the Chinese manufacturer or the US importer “stainless” just really mean “partially stainless” Hell, it could be a cultural thing that I should really respect.

Also, based on the location of the flange bolt holes it is also very clear that Chevrolet small blocks are smaller in China. Looks like about 1/8 of an inch or so. Maybe they shrink during ocean transport? You know, just like cereal settles in the bottom during transport.

After several hours of filing and grinding the headers also fits the American small block.


1980 Chevrolet C10 truck headers black

I radioused the edges and painted the flanges black. I can’t have shiny stainless tubes attached to rusty flanges.


Since the hood was off I thought I will clean it inside and out.

1980 Chevrolet C10 truck hood

I friend said that I am going down a slippery slope by polishing the 33 years old one step GM metallic. You know what…he is right. Short of clear coating the paint it will dull again. However, my OCD takes over and I can’t leave it alone. So after a polish it’s time for a real world challenge: On the passenger side: Meguiars “High Tech” Carnuba wax and on the driver side we have Nu Finish Polish. We will expose this truck to a wet and crappy Washington fall and winter and we will see if there is any difference.


1980 Chevrolet C10 truck hood shinny

After the polish and wax it is almost as shinny as the shiny 1937 Ford in the background.

More later…

Swedish cars at the GoodGuys Hot Rod show

Most folks do not connect the GoodGuys hot rod show with sixties cars but they did open up for later model cars for good and bad. The bad part is that it can be easily saturated with muscle cars but the good part is that it may bring in some of the muscle cars folks in to older hot rods. We are all gearheads in the first place so all things with a combustion engine is fun. Even less expected at a venue like this would be Swedish cars but here we can show a couple that did not have a problem fitting in.


1969 Saab Sonett side

Dan Morley from Gig Harbor brought this very clean 1969 Saab Sonett. Powered by a pretty snappy German designed V4 combined with front wheel drive and a fiberglass body it was a rather sporty car when it was introduced.

1969 Saab Sonett

Because of the material chosen for the body it was sometimes referred to as the “Swedish Corvette” The small bumpers looks great on this car but the looks were murdered in 1973 when the government demanded huge logs to be installed in each end.


1967 Volvo Wagon 2 door angle

This is a 1967 Volvo 122S wagon that has been customized and converted to a two door.

Alan Susnow built this GM V6 powered Volvo.

1967 Volvo Wagon 2 door

Slanted door posts makes the two door conversion look good. I am not a fan of shaved door handles but this is America, land of choices.

1967 Volvo Wagon 2 door front

Customized from with the classic Volvo “slash”


1967 Volvo Wagon 2 door engine A compressor helps the V6 get more oxygen and a T5 five speed trans offers Alan good ratios and an overdrive fifth gear. The independent rear end was taken from Jaguar.

Alan added A/C to keep this Swedish box cool.

I am sure we will be covering some Swedish cars here again…’til then, get out in the garage and build something!

Project 1980 Chev Truck: If it is not fast enough…CHROME IT !!

Upgrading to a stock Mr. Goodwrench V8 engine is not much to write home about but it will certainly be more exiting than the completely smogged out 6 cylinder 4.1 liter paper weight that was occupying the engine bay on our shop truck.

1980 Chevrolet Truck old engine

This thing is not only gutless, it is ugly too. Out it goes. It will be recycled and probably melted and made in to an iPhone frame or something high tecky.

I opted for the V8 engine because I need more power when I use the truck for towing. Besides, there are few engine sounds that are more pleasant  than the rumble from the good ‘ol American V8.

One way to get more power out of a stock engine is to add more chrome. The more chrome the faster it will go. I do say on our FAQ page that a tasteful amount of chrome is preferred. This was before I went shopping for SBC chrome. SBC as in Small Block Chevy. I have for the longest time worked with Olds, Buick and foreign engines and just about everything is expensive for them. However, in the SBC world they practically GIVE you the shiny stuff.
I mean, valve covers for ten bucks or an SS-454 air cleaner clone runs twenty bucks.

Because of this I decided to clad said SBC with stupid amounts of chrome. Why? Because I can! Because it’s cheap! Because it’s fun!

Sort of a Small Block Parody!

Here is the current chrome shopping list:

Valve covers
Air Cleaner
Heater hose fitting
Upper and lower alternator brackets
Water pump pulley
Crank pulley
Power steering pulley
Thermostat housing
Timing tab
Fuel pump
Fuel pump plate
Fuel Pump Fitting
Plug wire holders
Polished stainless headers

1980 Chevrolet Truck engine bolts

…and of course a pile chrome bolts to install the chrome with.


1980 Chevrolet Truck engine compartment

Now I have to detail the engine compartment as well but hey…it has to look good now with the new shiny chromed out engine, right?

After pressure washing it looks like this. Some primer and a coat of GM chassis satin black with take care of this.

1980 Chevrolet Truck 350 engine distributor

I also replaced the water pump and the whole distributor. The A-1 Cardone water pump was twenty bucks and a complete 65K distributor complete with coil was forty nine bucks. Like I said, they give this 350 stuff away.


1980 Chevrolet Truck 350 engine motor mounts

A set of new motor mounts where called in to hold on to the V8 with the torque fest starts.

More later…



Goodguys, WA 2013

The fairground in Puyallup Washington was once again filled with hot rods from all over the country. The weather was perfect with sun and temps in the low eighties.

Armed with 100 SPF ultraviolet protection goop smeared all over my thin Northern European skin, sturdy boots with clean socks and my Canon shooter I embarked on a photo safari.

GG2013 1956 Chevrolet Gasser

Let’s start with the gassers. These high in the nose ruppety-ruppety cars are seen (and HEARD!) cruising around the fairgrounds all weekend. That’s a good thing as vintage cars and hot rods in motion is far more interesting than static parked vehicles.

GG2013 Willys Gasser

Like this Willys gasser…coming…

GG2013 Willys Gasser going

…and going!

Chev Gasser

The Puyallup fairground offer perfect “roads” for cruising around. You can just pull up a chair and add a cold beverage and enjoy a rolling cars show. You would see this nasty looking Chevrolet gasser rolling by…Cool !

Chevrolet Gasser going

…and there it goes!

Chevrolet 1955 Gasser

Robin Rickard from University Place brought his bad ass 1955 Chevy gasser. Ooops, I said ass. Oh well, it’s just that…bad ass.

Chevrolet 1955 Gasser engine

With a power plant like this, Robin only has one message:

Chevrolet 1955 Gasser RACE ME


OK, enough of the gasser stuff. Let’s look at some trucks!

1965 Chevrolet C-10 Truck small

Rex Faubion did not have to travel very far since he lives in Puyallup. He did however bring a very nice truck.

1965 Chevrolet C-10 Truck side

This very stock 1965 Chevrolet C-10 is flawless.

1965 Chevrolet C-10 Truck interior

The interior is as nice as the outside.

1965 Chevrolet C-10 Truck engine

The original High Torque 292 six is still doing great as the truck has very low miles. Sixes are sexy!

1953 Chevrolet Truck

Wayne Seeley from Bremerton brought this super clean 1953 Chevrolet pick up powered by the most trusted engine and transmission combo in the world: 350/350. ’nuff said about that!

1940 Ford truck

Trevor from Snohomish rolled in with style in his just assembled 1940 Ford truck. Powered by a Y-block it moves along just fine. Hauling a bad ass chopper did not hurt the look either.

1957 Ford Ranchero hood open

I think we can archive this under trucks as well. I am not a big fan of the blingy wheels but I dig the colors and stance.

I don’t like to see the hood open as it looks like they are broken down by the side of the road waiting for AAA to show up! When I asked the owner (very politely) if he could close the hood for a photo hi snickered at me. Maybe he thought I was stupid, I am not sure.

1957 Ford Ranchero hood closed

Doesn’t that look better? Anyway, moving on…

 Moving on to hot rods

1932 Ford Roadster Traditional hot rod

Dave York from Surrey, BC brought down his 1932 Ford Roadster built in a traditional hot rod style. Even the top was made in stained but nice material and it looks great. In the background you can spot Doug Grande’s equally traditional 1932 Ford five window coupe.

1932 Ford Roadster Traditional hot rod side

Looks good from any angle. Love the aggressive stance.

1935 Ford Roadster

Mike Bach from Ellensburg brought this flathead powered 1935 Ford Roadster.

1935 Ford Roadster front

1935 Ford Roadster interior


1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod

Roy Rockwell from Hoquiam brought this very nice 1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod.

1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod small block

If…I say IF, I really mean it…IF…you are going to insist on putting a small block Chevrolet in a Ford hot rod…THIS…is the ONLY way to do it. Make it look like it was just pulled out of a low mileage 1957 Chevy at the junk yard.


1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod rear

Very tasteful hot rod.

1939 Ford Coupe Baby blue

Mike Bach brought this flathead powered 1939 Ford coupe. Looks freshly built but it was already for sale. I am guessing he builds these things for a living.

1939 Ford Coupe Baby blue front

1939 Ford Coupe Baby blue interior

Nice…but that’s a lot of blue me thinks…

1932 Ford Five Window Black
Terry Skipple’s super nice 1932 Ford five window coupe

1932 Ford Sedan

Brian Aldridge’s 1932 Ford sedan is a stunner. Brian does ALL the work himself including a professional paint job.

1932 Ford Sedan up close

Yup, looks great up close.

1940 Ford Copper

In the never ending parade of rolling iron we spotted this copper 1940 Ford coupe. The beige steelies and thin white walls works well on this car.

1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod inside show small

Your Humble Editor’s latest build was displayed inside. It landed Magnum Axle Top Award, kinda cool for the owner.

Let’s end this report with some hi tech stuff. A 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback called “Mach Forty”

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Mach Fourty front

With a mid mounted engine from a GT40 car it is very different. Workmanship and quality is bar none. I did hear that the bill ended around 2 mil, I can actually believe that.

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Mach Fourty

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Mach Fourty rear

There you have it folks, another day in paradise !


Guy Hall’s Award Winning Hot Rod

Guy Hall brought his new 1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod to the NSRA meet in Ridgefield a few weeks ago and it was picked the top ten by Street Rodder Magazine.  Guy will get a cool jacket and maybe some ink in a magazine.

Then he brought it to Goodguys event in Puyallup and it landed the Magnum Axle Top pick award.

Your Humble Editor is not NOT a trophy w***e and I know that goes for Guy as well but I think he is happy and proud.

1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod Guy

1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod Magnum Axle Award

I must say that is a pretty snazzy award. Sure beats some of those plastic bowling trophies I have seen.