Sneak Peak at the Roller Nailer

This hot rod is coming together nicely. With chrome offset by shiny black paint it will be a pretty snazzy car and with a stump puller chromed out 425 Buick Nail head, 4 speed and 9 inch limited slip rear…it will be a handfull.

As always, the devil is in the details…so here are some details:

Close up of truck hinge. Slotted screws are used for the old timey feel and the material is polished stainess for the looks.

Trunk handle and Lucas license plate light.

Maybe we will show more of this car…maybe…

World Famous Swindles Poker Run 2012, Part one

Well, it was time again. The end all, be all poker run held in the beutiful North West corner of Washington state. As usual, we gather in the picturesque town of LaConner. a town where history and time stood still. It makes for a great back drop as we line up our hot rods for things to come.

OK, the Pontiac in the foreground is not really a hot rod butit is cool enough to join the gang.


With the summer not wanting to quit, the day was perfect for some four wheeled hooliganism. Part of the mahem was this survivor old hot rod. I beleive it was featured in a magazine in 1964.

This model A from Kanada was just the “shitz”. Perfect detail work everywhere you look.

OK, let’s hit the road. With over eighty cars we had to stop at times to gather all the folks, The World Famous Swindles did an excellent job keeping everybody together.

It’s also nice to get out and strech your legs and check out some more cars.

Scott’s ‘banger powered Model A. Even with a leaky head gasket he showed up and tore up the roads. I understand he blew the gasket on his way home.

Another fine hot rod from Kanada

We invaded various parks and stopped to stretch our legs and swap lies.

Chris’ ’32 Roadster. An all steel rod bods car. Superfast small block and Tremec five speed. Built to use…and abuse.

Well made tub.

Tub office looks like it should…all business.

Another angle of this nice Canadian hot rod.

 More coming from this event soon…