The Beggers Annual Hot Rod Show

This event gets better and better. The local traditional car club Beggers is responsible for this affair. The setting at the local nursery could not be better.

They feed us great food and served up some serious rockabilly from Moses and his crew.

The weather was perfect and the setting couldn’t be better.


Let’s check out some of the rides:

Shoe boxes, anyone? One of the better years of Fords designs.


This roadster was featuring some very nice workmanship.

Not a traditional hot rod but the super nice Cadillac rolled in and we did not mind.


Mark Anderson’s 1931 Ford roadster.

Chad’s Rambler wagon.

I dig how the top roof panel opens up the whole cargo space.

 Gotta love his tool box. Yup, I  have tool box envy !


This Indian was restored to perfection. The side car started life as a military unit and civilian model chrome was added.

The nursery where the event was held has lots of old and vintage farm equipment on display. Makes for a great backdrop.

Thank You World Famous Beggers for a god time. See you next year.

Cascade Kombis Annual Meet

Every year the North West VW fans get together at the Shoreline Community College site for a  vintage VW show. would guess about 300 cars, trucks and buses showed up. Also, a rather large swap meet is there to help you find the hard parts. I am rather jealous as if this was a vintage Volvo meet there would have been…ahem…eight cars or so.

I also learned some of the lingo used to describe models or options…like…”divorce stand, fried egg blinkers, split window, spoon handle and bay-window” bus!!

This is referred to as a “low light Ghia” with the head lights at a lower position on the front fenders. I think it one of the most beautiful bodies out there.

Chris Shelton’s most excellent Thing…Yes, he has a Thing! He rolled in with it unwashed and looking like it was being USED…as it should. The top was found in the classifieds as it was missing. Way to go.

A very early example of the beloved bug.

Two 1967 convertibles although according the know-it-aller I was with the white one was sporting some 1968 equipment. Hybrid of sorts…maybe titled wrong?

Another beautiful convertible. Makes me want one…

 Convertible office. Yeah, I could be piloting this baby.

Let’s swing over to the bus section for a while. This coral and white beauty is just that…a beauty.


Growing up in Europe I used to hate these things. Now they are just coolness:


OK, I admit it…I used to hate the Karmann Ghia as well. Most of them were rusted up back then so it’s nice to see solid super straight cars like this:


More later…





If this

All Chevrolet Show

The XXX restaurant in Issaquah offer something fun almost every weekend. I was riding by and since the camera was in the saddle bag it was a good excuse to swing in and shoot some cars. Do you know what they have at all Chevy shows?? A ton of…Chevrolets.

This all stock 1952 truck was a favorite. Owned by Ron Payne and Debbie Beatenbough it was sitting tall and proud on stock suspension.

An absolute orgie in turquise!

Bipty-sebben-chebbies are all OK but I prefer these older Chevrolets. This mild custom is tastefully excecuted.

“She’s so fine…Bla,bla,bla”

When did you see a Yenko Chevelle last?

John Byerley brought out his 1969 427 Yenko car.

Yenko tuned 427…all business.

Clean Bibty Sebben Chebby

1951 Chevrolet with a 235 6 cyl engine. Very nice.

OK, that’s enough Chevrolets for a while.