Classic Chevys on the Open Road

Happy Birthday America!

 During the birth month of our great nation, nothing speaks “America” like a classic Chevrolet rolling down the open road.  A very special group of classic Chevy’s, known as Tri-Five, concentrates on 1955-1957 model years. Included in this collection is the famous and highly sought after 1957 Bel Air. Of the seven body styles included in the Tri-Five, the Bel Air is one of the most valuable classics.  Owners often spend upwards of $50,000 to restore one of these great American beauties.

One of the biggest trials of owning a classic hot rod is the upkeep. Locating a reliable parts source for your project car is always a challenge. However, we live in the era of the internet, where just about anything can be found online. Locating the right parts for a reasonable price often requires a bit of research, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a breeze.  One online supplier becoming a popular source for even difficult to find parts is Eckler’s. Their Classic Chevy website offers only Officially Licensed GM Restoration Parts. You can find similar online resources for just about every auto make and model.

So what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to make sure your classic ride is road ready.  After all, summer provides perfect weather to take your prize ride out for a spin!

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Local Cruise Night

“Cruise” night to me means cruising, as in moving cars. Well these days it pretty much mean parking at the local grocery store parking lot and just hanging out.

I prefer to see American iron in action especially at dawn and night as the street lights adds to the effects of chrome and amber park lights. Having said that, this is a good social thing to do over a hamburger or a milk shake.

Sorry for the shadows. The rare occasion of sun shine has hit our state and we don’t know what to do with it! Anyway, deal with it and enjoy some cool cars.

Let’s start with this beautiful Ford 3W coupe.

i think these DeSoto coupes have some amazing lines.

This detail is an excellent example how they don’t make ’em like the used to…

The dash isn’t too bad either…

Impala convertible…

…with a little bit of chrome!

I got a soft spot for these early fifties Chevrolets.


1959 Impala steering wheel is a nice touch as well.

Another favorite…1959 DeSoto

 Looks good from every angle.

Greenwood Show

Another “All American” show but this show attracts it’s fair share of imports and real hot rods.

Let’s start with the LAW!
The Seattle Police museum offered up a great selection of vintage cop cars.

Now, let’s check out the Swedish stuff:

…and some English rides: Minis anyone?

I am not big on Pro Strret cars these days but this super clean Dodge pulled it off.

Super clean install makes this car worth a second look. Way to go!

Super straight Old sedanette. Me want!

Everybody thinks there are all work $200,000 after the Barret Jackson sale but nevertheless, I want one.

The interior on these are just to die for…road trip any one??

The car was just bought with the intention of tearing off the fenders and slamming a big hemi in it. I suggested he takes my highboy 31 and butcher that one instead and let me be the custodian of this piece if history. Have not head back yet…

…till next time.