Photogenic Volvo 123GT

Had a chance to clean up the Volvo Amazon 123GT. It cleaned up well.


The interior cleaned up good as well. Need to replace those door panels down the road.

The engine compartment looks presentable after some cleaning. That air cleaner needs to go in favor of the correct elements.

The nose and the front fenders must have been replaced with NOS stuff as they are super solid. The flat lensed e-code Hella lights cranks out good light but look a bit too modern. I would have to replace them with something more rounded…Maybe a set of H4 Cibie for example.

Yup, pretty photogenic…the Volvo 96 dark blue looks almost black.

In good company. Sitting next to a Swedish built 123GT…life is good.

Volvo Amazon 123GT followed me home…HONEST !

Rare 96 dark blue color makes this a desirable 1967 123GT. This is a Canadian Volvo so it shipped new with limited slip rear and 4 way flashers. It did not however come with the Hella lights but I will add them anyway. Because they looks so damn cool. Besides, they were an available accessory when the car was new. Also, I will add the fender mirrors…because they looks so damn cool…get it?

Like this:

Swedish Coolness ! Sex on wheels…Am I making myself clear?

 “So Inga…would you like to go for a spin in my 96 blue Volvo 123GT?”

“How was it? Did you enjoy the sound of those SU karburettors?? By the way, do you know I have a chrome exhaust extension? The seats folds down, you know…”

The 96 blue cars came with this beautiful deep red interior.

Everything works on the car including the overdrive. It has a B-20 engine that seems to have a lot of power. The rims are widened stockers and the suspension seem slightly lower and firmer than stock. I also spotted a rear sway bar on the car. Front sway bar is original.

It is an older restoration and the the car has some issues that I will address before I bring it out but all in all a very straight car.

Incredible Traditional East Coast Style Hot Rod

Bo Bertilson is motor journalist that works for European publishers as well as some American. He is born and raised in Sweden but currently resides right in the middle of hot rod heaven in Southern Californa.

1932 Ford five window traditional style hot rod

Since five window 1932 Fords does not grow on trees and Bo knew about this car in Sweden. The car was shipped back to US and Bo went to work. You could say that is has earned some serious frequent flyer miles.

This car was built as a project car for Rod & Custom Magazine and then landed the cover for a well deserved grand finale. The car makes use of an original 1932 frame with model A front and rear cross members.

An F-1 box takes care of the steering and a Magnum 4-inch dropped I-beam with ’39 Ford spindles with drilled ’40 Ford  juice brakes takes care of stopping this beauty. Split wish bones are from a 1934 Ford. Transmission is a Ford 1939 box with Lincoln gears and the rear axle is of 1936 vintage with 3,54:1 ratio.

The interior is as you can see…to die for! An early Cad steering wheel  looks right at home here. The dash insert is from a 1956 Oldsmobile.

Pinstriping was don by world famous Skratch.

A A Sunken antennas makes for a cool custom trick. The color is PPG candy with Roth flake added for incredible pop!  Wheel covers are 16 inch Hollywood one bar spinners.

A 1953 331 Cadillac mill not only looks good, it moves this car down the road as fast as you need to go.

The car was unveiled at the 2008 Grand National Roadster Show.

As all hot rodders, Bo is already building another hot rod, this time a roadster so to make room this car is actually for sale. If you are a serious about owning this incredible Rod & Custom cover car contact Bo HERE

Roller Nailer Engine up-date

This is the FOUR-HUNDRED-TWENTY-FIVE-CUBIC-INCH engine going in the Roller Nailer chassis:

Lonely chassis waiting for POWER !!



Vintage Ads

“Welcome to wheel city…327, 396, 427 We got your number!”

Chevrolet dealership ad in the late sixties

Look at all those small and big blocks !! Wouldn’t you want to walk down that row and pick out a 427 machine with four speed and just take it for a…ahem…”test drive” ?

Your Humble Editor loves digging through 50’s and 60’s LIFE magazine and finding car ads.

Totally sexist of course. “For men with push” Peddling front wheel drive to the American public.  I guess women had no business driving cars back then, huh?

Cars shouldn’t just be for show room traffic” or “Drive it like you hate it”

These were some of Volvo’s messages in the sixties. The sturdy cars from Sweden held up well as they were built for a country with less that half of the roads paved at the time.


Body by Fisher ad

A demonstration of how much a GM trunk can carry. I am not sure where the fish is going to go. If it is going in the trunk it will be a smelly affair.


VW: Pacific North West Spring Meet

As much as I like American hot rods I also enjoy other foreign cars like the vintage Volvos you have seen on this web site. Today we are going to visit a VW meet and see what all the fuss is about.

It was a cloudy but dry day for this event and I was very excited as that makes for great photography. I must say I was disappointed to find out that the meet was held inside a parking garage with incredible poor lighting. It was almost impossible to shoot these cars with the only light available was what came in from the side openings. So I am going to start this segment with an apology for the crappy pictures.

Also, the folks that arranged the show did not provide a name and model sheet to display so I can’t tell you the specific model year or the owner’s name that should get the credit.

Oh well, here are some cool German cars:

See what I mean about the light? Not even the Polaroid filter could master this.

The swap meet was just like any other swap meet except for the prices. There is some serious hysteria in certain must have VW parts.

The roof rack and vintage luggage thing has almost been overdone. Cool, but I have seen it now. Beautiful car, great colors.

Now wer’e talking! Buses are cool. It seems mandatory that they all have to sit on the ground like the suspension is broken.I understand the look but in an effort to “personalize” the vehicle they all look the same.

Matching bike.

This thing is interesting. Nice workmanship but it must offer a choppy ride with such short wheel base.

Bugs everywhere!! Get the exterminator!


I dig! Me want!



I like everything except the steering wheel. Your Humble Editor is allergic to billet and there is NO cure for this. The only thing is to stay away and not touch it!

Very nice bus though.


OK,  I admit it…this was my favorite. A totally stock restored 1965 Bug. Sitting tall and proud just like it was designed. Love the color too. I would drive this all day long.

Super clean Golf or Rabbit depending in what country you reside in. Nice!



As usual, the parking lot offered some cool rides. Besides, better light !


 Baja This !! Someone got creative. Why not?

Here we go again…another slammed one. I like it though, really like the fender mirrors.

As much as I like the multi/mega window buses i am kinda partial to these utilitarian looks buses. Looks good on those wheels as well.


Wheel detail. I dig the fact that it is not uber polished, just all business. I sure have a lot of opinions, don’t I ? Hell yes.

I end most of my event reports with: “It was a good day” because it usually IS a good day. I can’t remember a car, motorcycle or hot rod event that was ever “bad” so you may see that phrase again.

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