Project 1932 Ford Five Window

I just did a quick and dirty mock up with the new fenders and it looks great. Now I am thinking a different color on the fenders like gloss black. Painting the fenders red oxide,  tank and the frame sides maybe too much…red oxide?? Gotta think about that.

I am using a model B head light bar sans the V8 insignia for a cleaner look. I am digging the stock height head light bar. I think we have seen dropped bars on street rods since the eighties to the point we think that is the way it should be. Well, not so fast. This is the way Henry did it and that is good enough for me. This is also bringing the “old” back to the car if that makes sense.

I can’t be Milner for ever.

Just to see the these front fenders and head light bar mocked up like this is VERY motivating. The car has a nice stance and rake now and I can only imagine how it is going to look with everything installed.

1932 Ford fenders

I did have a bit of an epiphany thought…I decided to order a full fender kit from Brookville. I can do a lot but I am not a body man. The original fenders are very nice but the certainly needs some massaging.

 Can’t wait to get this fitted…stay tuned.

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Incredible 1969 Volvo 123GT

Jerry Rogers lives in Thalkirchdorf, Germany. He was a US service man in 1968 and bought a new 1968 Volvo Amazon 123GT back then. He owned it for for twelve years and then sold it.

As it so often goes he missed the car and found this 1969 GT eight years ago in Munich. It was originally sold in Switzerland.

1969 Volvo Amazon 123GTThe 123GT for Swiss market had two fog lights and just one switch on the left side dash.

The 1969/up Amazons including the GT cars did not have the hood spear or the rain gutter trim but Jerry added it and it looks great against the dark green paint.

1969 Volvo Amazon 123GT

In 1969 all Volvos all came with the new B-20 engine. The GT cars also got a stronger overdrive and better brakes.

Jerry replaced the stark white original interior with the beige interior found in older Volvos. I think it was a good choice. (yes, of course he kept the original stuff)

Note the lack of relays. The fog lights were wired without a relay on the 1969/up models. Also, note the much improved brake booster and cable operated clutch.

1969 Volvo Amazon 123GT

Thanks Jerry for sharing your very special Volvo with us.


Project: Volvo 123GT

Stumbled across this 1967 vintage plate in an antique store for three bucks. It will serve well on my Volvo 123GT as a YOM plate. (Year of Manufacture) It took $47.00 to register the car to this plate. That makes it an even fiddy bucks for license for life…works for me.

The first letter “A” stands for Seattle as the order went by population at the time. At the time, in Sweden, “A” stood for Stockholm’s county, probably for similar reasons.

 Nope, installing the vintage plate did not fix the rust or the worn out paint but hey…it fits the car. Shabby chic is in you know and this GT qualifies as well.

Also, I don’t have to have a plate in the front.

123GT with Hella lightsWell, other that this vintage Swedish plate. I borrowed the front bumper from my 122 wagon for now as it had the GT brackets in place. With the original style Hella lights installed the car is looking more like it should.

Volvo Amazon 123GT interiorI threw in an old cloth carpet from another car I parted out for some comfort.

Volvo Amazon 123GT in garageAfter being stored at our island house it is finally home. Now I can work on it a bit more than before. Yes, there is another Amazon under the cover…It’s a disease!

The goal is to get it drivable and safe enough to drive to the All Swedish Meet in Issaquah in WA state on the 19th of Feb.

We have planned to bring at least three 123GT cars together.

One Canadian built, one built for the UK market (yup, right hand drive) and my POS and make a pretty parade. Should be fun.

See how it started here

More later…


Roller Nailer, getting started

New project:

We should show the humble beginnings of our new project:

Introducing the Roller Nailer. Custom built for a serious customer that is looking for some serious fun.

A fourhundredtwentyfive cubic inch roller rocker stump pulling Buick Nailhead powered four speed posi traction 1931 Model A Hot Rod. Ya know what I mean???

An opportunity to build another Ford hot rod coupe and improve on some solutions.

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We build a frame…

We install a Buick nailhead motor.

 We blow apart and blast away any rust.

We reassemble.

We build a new subframe.

We chop.

We build some cool exhaust.

We make shock mounts from F1 truck mounts.

We build some suspension.