Harry’s “back in the day” Hot Rod Pictures

I bought a vintage Volvo from Harry and his wife a few years ago. I learned that he has been a car guy and hot rodder all his life and here are some pictures to prove it.

Gotta love this stuff:

A Mopar 413 Ramcharger powered this red hot rod. The stick figure in the front is Harry himself.

With a ride like this it was not a problem to atract the ladies.

Just love the stance and look of old hot rods.

The hot rod started life with a different color. Check out the two color top insert.


More evidence that the ladies dig guys with hot rods…

A completey restored 1937 Dodge truck was the ride of choice for a while.

One of the earlier cars Harry owned was this 1926 Ford Model T. Bought it for $150.00 and sold it for $300.00. They only car he made money on!

Thanks Harry for sharing your time machine with us.

Classic Chevys on the Open Road

Happy Birthday America!

 During the birth month of our great nation, nothing speaks “America” like a classic Chevrolet rolling down the open road.  A very special group of classic Chevy’s, known as Tri-Five, concentrates on 1955-1957 model years. Included in this collection is the famous and highly sought after 1957 Bel Air. Of the seven body styles included in the Tri-Five, the Bel Air is one of the most valuable classics.  Owners often spend upwards of $50,000 to restore one of these great American beauties.

One of the biggest trials of owning a classic hot rod is the upkeep. Locating a reliable parts source for your project car is always a challenge. However, we live in the era of the internet, where just about anything can be found online. Locating the right parts for a reasonable price often requires a bit of research, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a breeze.  One online supplier becoming a popular source for even difficult to find parts is Eckler’s. Their Classic Chevy website offers only Officially Licensed GM Restoration Parts. You can find similar online resources for just about every auto make and model.

So what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to make sure your classic ride is road ready.  After all, summer provides perfect weather to take your prize ride out for a spin!

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Greenwood Show

Another “All American” show but this show attracts it’s fair share of imports and real hot rods.

Let’s start with the LAW!
The Seattle Police museum offered up a great selection of vintage cop cars.

Now, let’s check out the Swedish stuff:

…and some English rides: Minis anyone?

I am not big on Pro Strret cars these days but this super clean Dodge pulled it off.

Super clean install makes this car worth a second look. Way to go!

Super straight Old sedanette. Me want!

Everybody thinks there are all work $200,000 after the Barret Jackson sale but nevertheless, I want one.

The interior on these are just to die for…road trip any one??

The car was just bought with the intention of tearing off the fenders and slamming a big hemi in it. I suggested he takes my highboy 31 and butcher that one instead and let me be the custodian of this piece if history. Have not head back yet…

…till next time.

Ah, the seventies…was it better back then?

Your Humble Editor got his first job in America at Bel-Kirk Motors, a Volvo, Saab, Fiat and Datsun dealership. I found this photo on a promo booklet when cleaning up a corner at the dealership. I just found it again in my photo box. Come to think of it…I am sure there is already a generation out there that does not even know what a photo box is!

I think it is a cool picture. The sign on the roof was the last rotating sign in Kirkland before the PC and conformity police outlawed such a fine landmark.

The Z-car on the point was “today’s special” as we rotated that spot daily with an attractive used car. Once I bought a nice 1967 Volvo 122S wagon for $1000.00 and we stuck it on the “point” for $4500.00. It sold within a few days. Funny thing, they are worth about the same today. I guess they are not multi window VW buses, are they?

The ugly building in the background is an old GTE phone building that was once full of operators (remember those?) but they were replaced by machines and later computers. The windows were covered and it left that big blob in the landscape.

Also, check out the brand new orange Volvos on the roof. How could they think that the American public actually wanted orange cars??

Cruising Colby street, Everett WA

Being in to traditional hot rods and properly respected imports I had a hard time finding anything I liked at this “All American Car Show”. Wading through nice original muscle cars violated with stupid large wheels and rubber band tires or brand new cars with tires so soaked in Armor All that it makes a puddle on the tarmac is…sickening! Wow…so you can make payments??

So why did I go?? Well, I will not have the opportunity to hit a lot of shows this year for reasons beyond my control so felt I should get out when I can. The Humble Editor’s ’32 Ford 5W is now sporting fenders and I am starting to like it.

Even after getting up at 5:00 and getting to the show early we ended up in a long line. However, I must say that your Humble Editor’s car and my friend Doug Grande’s highboy makes a pretty parade.


The most recognizable tail fin in the world: 1959 Cadillac. Your Humble Editor used to be oga-gaga over these things but these days…not so much. That’s a good thing, we can’t all have the same cars.

Bob Mollgaard from Snohomish brought his 1950 Mercury custom. It is an old custom that he freshened up.

Bob’s car looks good from any angle.

One thing that caught my eye is how the colors blend in to each other. Not only fading up but also down if that makes any sense.

I do dig these big Mopars…to look at.

 1960 Pontiac is a fine sight from any angle.


Ok, one more Mopar. These Chargers look like they are doing 100 mph standing still.

Trevor is selling his super nice 1953 Ford Mainline. Brand new scallop paint job add to the value. 6 cylinder with a 3 speed overdrive. Contact your Humble Editor for contact information.


Austin Healey 3000


…with a super nice engine compartment

Nice Bronco


If you are in to over the top detailed hot rods…this would be for you.

I do have a weak spot for these 1957 Chevrolet four door hard top. It makes for a huge hard top opening and I like the sculptured “dip” in the rear door. Cool.

Kathleen Sexton brought her 1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air 2 door hard top.

Something for everyone: 1965 Opel Kadett Rally owned by Troy Moore from Lynnwood.

Corvair Corsa: I saw one of these in California once with a personalized license plate that said: “F NADER”

Evidence of your Humble Editor’s taste for odd stuff: Very nice Rambler wagon.


Byron Parson’s 1956 Plymouth Fury was restored to great original condition.

Patina schmatina…I am not sure if it was man made or nature…nice straight car regardless.

Then I ventured in to the VW alley…This is probably a little too red for my taste but a very nice car sporting the cool Empi wheels.




Karmann Ghia…

…with a very cool roof rack.

 Actually, this is the way I like bugs. Stock with original wheels. Can’t beat that.

Probably my favorite vehicle on the whole event. Unmolested original 1966 Bus owned by Beet Regan from Everett.

Of probably 700-1000 cars this was all that I found worthy of digital film…in my humble opinion.

Vintage Ads

“Welcome to wheel city…327, 396, 427 We got your number!”

Chevrolet dealership ad in the late sixties

Look at all those small and big blocks !! Wouldn’t you want to walk down that row and pick out a 427 machine with four speed and just take it for a…ahem…”test drive” ?

Your Humble Editor loves digging through 50’s and 60’s LIFE magazine and finding car ads.

Totally sexist of course. “For men with push” Peddling front wheel drive to the American public.  I guess women had no business driving cars back then, huh?

Cars shouldn’t just be for show room traffic” or “Drive it like you hate it”

These were some of Volvo’s messages in the sixties. The sturdy cars from Sweden held up well as they were built for a country with less that half of the roads paved at the time.


Body by Fisher ad

A demonstration of how much a GM trunk can carry. I am not sure where the fish is going to go. If it is going in the trunk it will be a smelly affair.


Famous customs just sitting…


I was aimlessly driving my Corvette 427 powered four speed 1957 Chevy around in Southern California in 1979 looking for trouble when and stumbled in to this “museum” somewhere in Southern California. I pulled in and finished listening to the Led Zeppelin song blaring from the Pioneer Super Tuner courtesy of Frazer Smith at KLOS Los Angeles.

I recall this place was in Anaheim.

Inside this dusty, dirty and neglected place I found all these world famous cars.

Sorry for crappy indoor flash photos but these are worth sharing.

Who did not build a model of this car?


Happy Days roadster pickup


Sonny and Cheers 1960 Cadillac


 Beatles Rolls Royce


…and some other odd stuff.




Vintage Gas Station Collectible Maps

Do you like old gas station maps? We do. There is something very clean and innocent about the landscape and super cool futuristic cars used for illustrations on these maps.

Take a look at these beauties and see happy, worry free and good looking automobile owners cruising the American highways only to meet handsome gas station service men in super clean uniforms.

Maybe it was better in the old days after all??