Rare 1967 Volvo Amazon 123GT on eBay, no reserve!…with parts car!


1967 Volvo Amazon 123GT

Vin # 133351M-251533
1967 volvo 123GT right side
1967 volvo 123GT Left Hella light
1967 volvo 123GT right side Hella light
1967 volvo 123GT left Hella detail
Hella Spot light
1967 volvo 123GT right Hella detail

Hella Fog light


1967 Volvo 123GT front 1967 Volvo 123GT left side 1967 Volvo 123GT LR 1967 Volvo 123GT RF 1967 Volvo 123GT RF2 1967 Volvo 123GT right side 2

1967 Volvo 123GT engine left 1967 Volvo 123GT engine right 1967 Volvo 123GT interior right 1967 Volvo 123GT interior 1967 Volvo 123GT left door panel 1967 Volvo 123GT rear seat 1967 Volvo 123GT rear GT emblemNOS truck 123GT emblem. Note rust in corner. 1967 Volvo 123GT loud horn

GT only Loud Horn
1967 Volvo 123GT left fender mirror 1967 Volvo 123GT right side mirror 1967 Volvo 123GT left side Recaro


1967 Volvo 123GT right side Recaro

Passenger side Recaro Seat adjusters

steering wheel

GT steering wheel is very nice. The center hub has a crack and the GT horn button has a crack. They are now finally being reproduced.

overdrive and floor
Overdrive and floor

new brake hoses and lines

Recent brake pads and Bilstein shocks, new brake hoses and caliper brake line.

Volvo 122S body side 2

Solid parts car

Volvo 122S body

Volvo 122S body side

The parts car have a super straight body and floors are perfect.

NOS and like new trim

NOS and like new trim moldings for the gutters and rear lower window moldings.

NOS lenses

NOS or like front and rear new lenses, rubber gasket and reflectors.

NEW blink rubber housings

New rubber housings for the front blinkers.
NOS trunk mldg

NOS trunk molding

Underhoods light and 4 way flasher

Rare GT only under hood and trunk lights, actually five of them. Also, rare Canadian GT 4-way flasher included and fog light wiring..

1967 Volvo 123GT tool kit

Complete correct factory tool kit.

Volvo 123GT Speedometer

Super nice speedometer housing. If you have been around vintage Volvo chances are that you have never seen one with the grey wrinkle finish intact. This speedo is!

volvo 123GT engine

Code 496860 GT engine

123GT vin number

Vin # 133351M-251533

123GT Volvo for sale

Dent in roof

driver side front

Rust on driver’s floor board and the transverse beam under this area is weak.

driver side rear floorTwo small rust holes in floor behind driver seat.

pass side rear floor

Rust hole in floor behind passenger seat

trunk left
Some filler in the corner
Trunk right side

right side wheel well.

engine compartment right side

Rust under battery area

right rear rockerRockers have rust and filler.



Volvo 123GT back on the road

123GT side

Before: With stock springs the car shows a bit too much air between the fenders and tyres.

1967 volvo 123GT right side wide wheels

After: With the new progressive lower spring the car lost about 2 inch in ride height. I like it.

1967 Volvo 123GT RR w wide wheels

The car definitely looks burlier with the wider wheels. The ride is not much firmer than the stock GT suspension and the Bilsteins do make a difference. The wheels follows the road very well but keeps the car very stable.


I removed the original code 60 GT B18 as I like to save it and also look it over and replaced it with this B20 engine. It offers more bottom end torque than the stock B18. Headers and electronic ignition hidden in the stock distributor doesn’t hurt either.

With the new limited slip rear end it’s a hoot to go around corners.

1967 Volvo 123GT front w Hella

With the big Hella lights upfront the car looks a bit like a rally warrior. It suits the car well. Now let’s go out and see if we can get in trouble.


123GT gets some needed attention

This 1967 Volvo 123GT has been sitting unattended for a while I work on other project. It is a long term project that really needs a complete resto but I have enjoyed doing small upgrades to it when time allows. However, one can only ignore such a fine piece of Swedish GT history for so long.


Here is the car at at stock height.

I noticed that the car was sitting at an slight angle and I suspected a broken spring. I had an extra limited slip rear axle and the current rear axle was making a noise anyway. That turned out to be a the rear axle bearings.

123GT side

Side view.


123gt limted slip

Limited slip axle ready to be installed.

123gt suspension

This was just going to be a quicky but I had to give the items a coat of paint. Note Bilstein shocks and poly bushings for the stabilizer bar.


123gt engine and transmission

The car had an incorrect overdrive unit and I wanted to save the original code 60 GT engine until it can be looked over so this whole package will get installed. This is a great running B20 engine, nice transmission and a working overdrive.

Next: we roll it out and check the new ride height…and new attitude.

Steel Blue Metallic (Stålblå) Volvo 123GT

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Steel Blue Metallic (Stålblå) paint code 53-102 Volvo 123GT

Take a look at this super rare 1967 Volvo 123GT in this color.  Volvo released a few test colors on the GT cars in 1967 and this was one of them. Am I jealous? Naaaa, not at all!

‘doesn’t get much better than this.


This freshly restored example was displayed at a car show in Sweden.




Photo: Ragge Fransson

Photogenic Volvo 123GT

Had a chance to clean up the Volvo Amazon 123GT. It cleaned up well.


The interior cleaned up good as well. Need to replace those door panels down the road.

The engine compartment looks presentable after some cleaning. That air cleaner needs to go in favor of the correct elements.

The nose and the front fenders must have been replaced with NOS stuff as they are super solid. The flat lensed e-code Hella lights cranks out good light but look a bit too modern. I would have to replace them with something more rounded…Maybe a set of H4 Cibie for example.

Yup, pretty photogenic…the Volvo 96 dark blue looks almost black.

In good company. Sitting next to a Swedish built 123GT…life is good.

Volvo Amazon 123GT followed me home…HONEST !

Rare 96 dark blue color makes this a desirable 1967 123GT. This is a Canadian Volvo so it shipped new with limited slip rear and 4 way flashers. It did not however come with the Hella lights but I will add them anyway. Because they looks so damn cool. Besides, they were an available accessory when the car was new. Also, I will add the fender mirrors…because they looks so damn cool…get it?

Like this:

Swedish Coolness ! Sex on wheels…Am I making myself clear?

 “So Inga…would you like to go for a spin in my 96 blue Volvo 123GT?”

“How was it? Did you enjoy the sound of those SU karburettors?? By the way, do you know I have a chrome exhaust extension? The seats folds down, you know…”

The 96 blue cars came with this beautiful deep red interior.

Everything works on the car including the overdrive. It has a B-20 engine that seems to have a lot of power. The rims are widened stockers and the suspension seem slightly lower and firmer than stock. I also spotted a rear sway bar on the car. Front sway bar is original.

It is an older restoration and the the car has some issues that I will address before I bring it out but all in all a very straight car.

All Swedish Meet, Feb 19, 2012

The sixth annual All Swedish Cruise took place in Issaquah, Washington at the vintage XXX drive in. The local Puget Sound Volvo Sports America is in charge of this event spearheaded by enthusiasts Gary Ramstad and Gail Ritchie. We thank them for their efforts to make this show happen.

The weather gods decided to hold off on the wet stuff for this day as well.

Of course the pièce de résistance was the Volvo 123GT cars in triplets. Well, not really but great fun. From the left: Chris Horn from Oregon, Mat Shelton with family and your Humble Editor on the right.

Thanks guys for coming together for this photo op.


Peter King’s super nice custom Amazon. He bought in new in Sweden on a European Delivery Program and has pictures to prove it. Yes, I have harassed him for copies. Stay tuned…


Peter’s car is sporting a power steering unit from a 164. A very clean install.


The car is featuring some subtle mods like this sunken license plate.



“Hästkraft” mean horse power. I don’t know how many this Amazon had…


You guessed it…it’s Swedish ! Walt Tartar ‘s very nice 1953 PV.


Gary Ramstad’s super nice 1962 Volvo 544 PV


1964 Black PV544 owned by Dick Libby.


The Volvo 1800 gang was out in full force. This is timely since this is the 50’s anniversary of this beautiful model.


This 1966 1800S is owned by Gordan Freske. It has older style Jensen bumpers, grille and air intake. We like it..


This 1966 Volvo 1800S race car was one of the nicest cars in the show. Usually race cars are built crudely and of course purpose built but the execution and finish rivaled the show cars in the meet.


200 hp with SU’s…Love it!


Everywhere you looked…quality workmanship.


Here is how you loose weight. Drill baby drill! This car weighs 2000 lbs about 900kg.


These are Lincoln 15 X 6 wheels. A great way to bring down the unsprung weight.


Creative use of hub caps.


One of the nicest Volvo Duett we have ever seen. Owned by John Chattin-Nichols.


1972 1800ES with trailer is owned by Howard Haefner’s from Olympia.


…with matching wheels. Nice!


Bob Hemion’s Gold 1973 1800ES


Bill Gaw’s Orange 1973 1800ES


Ra-ta-ta-ta… Since this was an all Swedish meet it includes Saabs. Cool cars.

Ingvar Carlson 1960 Saab 93.


1966 Monte Carlo 850 owned Phil Lakefield Jr.


There you go…the 6th annual Swedish Meet went great. We look forward to the 7th.

Incredible 1969 Volvo 123GT

Jerry Rogers lives in Thalkirchdorf, Germany. He was a US service man in 1968 and bought a new 1968 Volvo Amazon 123GT back then. He owned it for for twelve years and then sold it.

As it so often goes he missed the car and found this 1969 GT eight years ago in Munich. It was originally sold in Switzerland.

1969 Volvo Amazon 123GTThe 123GT for Swiss market had two fog lights and just one switch on the left side dash.

The 1969/up Amazons including the GT cars did not have the hood spear or the rain gutter trim but Jerry added it and it looks great against the dark green paint.

1969 Volvo Amazon 123GT

In 1969 all Volvos all came with the new B-20 engine. The GT cars also got a stronger overdrive and better brakes.

Jerry replaced the stark white original interior with the beige interior found in older Volvos. I think it was a good choice. (yes, of course he kept the original stuff)

Note the lack of relays. The fog lights were wired without a relay on the 1969/up models. Also, note the much improved brake booster and cable operated clutch.

1969 Volvo Amazon 123GT

Thanks Jerry for sharing your very special Volvo with us.


Project: Volvo 123GT

Stumbled across this 1967 vintage plate in an antique store for three bucks. It will serve well on my Volvo 123GT as a YOM plate. (Year of Manufacture) It took $47.00 to register the car to this plate. That makes it an even fiddy bucks for license for life…works for me.

The first letter “A” stands for Seattle as the order went by population at the time. At the time, in Sweden, “A” stood for Stockholm’s county, probably for similar reasons.

 Nope, installing the vintage plate did not fix the rust or the worn out paint but hey…it fits the car. Shabby chic is in you know and this GT qualifies as well.

Also, I don’t have to have a plate in the front.

123GT with Hella lightsWell, other that this vintage Swedish plate. I borrowed the front bumper from my 122 wagon for now as it had the GT brackets in place. With the original style Hella lights installed the car is looking more like it should.

Volvo Amazon 123GT interiorI threw in an old cloth carpet from another car I parted out for some comfort.

Volvo Amazon 123GT in garageAfter being stored at our island house it is finally home. Now I can work on it a bit more than before. Yes, there is another Amazon under the cover…It’s a disease!

The goal is to get it drivable and safe enough to drive to the All Swedish Meet in Issaquah in WA state on the 19th of Feb.

We have planned to bring at least three 123GT cars together.

One Canadian built, one built for the UK market (yup, right hand drive) and my POS and make a pretty parade. Should be fun.

See how it started here

More later…