Fall is here

Well, at least here on the US west coast.  We do have seasons and a crisp fall day can offer some of the best driving weather. Great colors all around and your carbureted collector car enjoys cold oxygen rich air for excellent combustion pleasures. What’s not to like?

Get out for a fall drive!

1967 Volvo 122S Wagon in the fall


Sherpa got new shoes

Sherpa is the name that the original owner gave this 1967 122S Volvo Amazon Wagon.It served as a work horse for many years but they managed to keep it in very good condition until your Humble Editor became the custodian.

By the way, in some contries they are also call the wagons Combi or Estate. This car has been pure joy to own and drive and I love when I have time to continue to improve it. The 165/70 tires were OK to drive on but for looks and handling some more rubber would be great. Also, when these cars were new in Sweden the hottest thing to have was KPZ made 5.5 inch wide rims. It gave the Amazon the “look”

I was planning to have a set made using the original Volvo hub and installing a 5.5 or 6 inch rim. However, luck has it that a 1967 123 GT that I bought came with a set of widened rims. The GT is destined for some R&R in the shop so it will not be needing these rims for a while.

Volvo Amazon wheels wide

I had the rims blasted and powder coated and then opted for a set of 205/65 with a Falken tread pattern.

1967 Volvo Amazon Combi Wagon Estate

1967 Volvo Amazon Combi Wagon Estate front

Now I am thinking I we should lower the car a bit. Stay tuned.

Three Swedish wagons = three generation wagons

As i was parking the new driver, the 1978 Volvo 245DL wagon I realized that I now have three Swedish wagons. I figure we best line them up for a group photo:

The 1967 Volvo 122S I bought from the original owner, the 1978 I just bought from the second ownern sine 1981 and the 2004 V70 I bought when it was one year old. I enjoy drivimg them all but the older the better for me.

Thought I would share…

1967 Volvo 122S Amazon Wagon Combi Estate

Finally got around to spend some time on the Volvo wagon. This time we upgraded to these very rare 123GT reclining seat mechanism. These are actually made by Recaro for Volvo. Now I can…well…recline. Besides, the added chrome makes the car go faster.

Factory tachometer and a hard to find center console is next.

“Buckets and console” plus factory tach. Sounds like an American muscle car, huh?

Volvo Amazon 122S Wagon rear bumperette

I am pleased to find out that these are being reproduced again as they are wagon only and always seems to be beat up or as in my case: missing.


However, I could not bring myself to install them as one corner of the bumper was pretty ugly and I don’t want to spend money on re-chroming.


After some digging around in my friend’s attic I finally found this. This is not 100 % perfect but it will work great.

There! Finally a complete rear bumper and all shiny. Looks great.

See how the work started here