More time travel

Today’s entry in the time machine department:

Cars that are just waiting to be driven the way they are or maybe to be restored…some day…

Straight 390 powered Galaxie has potential.


I did not used to like these Mustang coupes but it’s growing on me.


This looks like an interesting driweway.


A bit far gone but hey…it is still a ’32 Ford.


When did you last see a super straight and rust free Datsun 210 ??

OK, back to reality but we will time travel again.

New category: Time machine

We are starting a new category: Time Machine.

Sometimes I roll in to a town where time just stood still. This is the Admiral’s Cove pool house on Whidbey Island, Washington state. I don’t think it has been “up-dated” since the fifties and that’s a good thing. As a matter of fact, if a movie maker needs a pool house for back drop in a fifties movie they would not have to change a thing.


This is North City north of Seattle, a part of Seattle that was forgotten.


Just a quick drive in North Seattle extends the time travel. Here an early 60’s GMC truck is just sitting in the driveway as any daily driver.


Another daily driver…just sitting and looking good…How about a nice straight Mercury Cougar?


Not your Editor’s cup of tea but a nice Nova waiting for some action maybe with a new owner.


A Dodge panel truck used by a coffee shop. Sure beats some dented up van, huh?


The owner of the coffee shop also kept the vintage feel for the new signage. Way to go!

OK, back to 2012 and reality…we will go back again.