1938 Ford Cabriolet

I think the 1938 Ford is one of the best looking cars ever made. I was a young pup I was following  a now out of business Swedish Car magazine’s project. It was called project ’39 but the car turned out to be so rusty they actually ended up using a 1938 body.  The car left a serious impression on your Humble Editor’s brain.

1938 Ford Cabriolet RF


The first xerographic print was made, teflon was invented, the Biro brothers invented the ball point pen, Action Comics released a new hero, some flying guy called Superman and Disney released a movie about Snow White and some short friends..

In Europe trouble was brewing and in America the Great Depression was still having a firm grip on the economy.

And…Ford offered a Model 82A Standard and a Model 81A Deluxe model for the 1938 model line.

1938 Ford Cabriolet right rear

The 1938 cars were an extension of the ’37 cars with the smother and streamlined bodies including the headlights inside the fenders. These cars sold for $600 to $800.

This car is a Cabriolet and it was one of two cars your humble Editor was looking at when I was in the market for an open Ford.

Unlike a roadster the cabriolet had roll up windows for a cozy cabin when convertible weather is not offered by the weather gods. When I look at these pictures I sometimes wonder if I made the right decision as I ended up with a 1937 Cabriolet seen in other posts on this site but I am at peace with my decision. If I had the option I would have owned both but I am sure it ended up in a good home.

1938 Ford Cabriolet right

This car was actually assembled in Argentine. They were sent down in “knocked down” condition. All parts were genuine Ford components.

The US economy was still hurting from the Great Recession while the Argentinian economy was doing well. A lot of desirable Ford ended up there.

1938 Ford Cabriolet left rear

This is when you say: “they don’t make ’em like the used to” Just look at those rear fender flowing back to be finished with that famous tear drop tail light.

Sigh…just stunning!

1938 Ford Cabriolet front

The owner of this car spent many years doing business with Argentina and everytimes he visited he would look for nice Fords. The US dollar was strong at the time so he did have some purchase power.This car just like your Humble Editor’s was born with the steering wheel on the “wrong side”. Both cars were converted over to left hand steering when they arrived.

Anyway, this was a nice car worth sharing.