1963 Mercury Marauder

Here is a car that is vastly underappreciated in my opinion. I know the early Chevrolet muscle cars enjoys the most attention but a close look at this Mercury product reveals a car with great lines and many nice details. In some ways the edgy roof line and prominent C-pillar reminds me of later years Mopar hard tops.

The current custodian Sergio Manrigues brought this beauty to the GoodGuys show in Puyallup in 2012.

1963 Mercury Marauder

The interior on this Mercury is very well appointed. An aftermarket tachometer under the dash keeps track of the revs when needed.


1963 Mercury Marauder

The Three Hundred and Ninety Cubic Inch power plant is sporting a factory tri-power set up as well. Can’t beat that!

What I like most with this car is the incredible chrome trim, emblems and text logos. The ‘ol saying “they don’t make them like the used to” applies here. Today’s cars are happy to receive a sticker or maybe a chrome plastic emblem at best. This is like car jewelery and should be admired and apprichiated.

1963 Mercury Marauder tail lights

Check out these tail lights. We dig!