Cascade Kombis Annual Meet

Every year the North West VW fans get together at the Shoreline Community College site for a  vintage VW show. would guess about 300 cars, trucks and buses showed up. Also, a rather large swap meet is there to help you find the hard parts. I am rather jealous as if this was a vintage Volvo meet there would have been…ahem…eight cars or so.

I also learned some of the lingo used to describe models or options…like…”divorce stand, fried egg blinkers, split window, spoon handle and bay-window” bus!!

This is referred to as a “low light Ghia” with the head lights at a lower position on the front fenders. I think it one of the most beautiful bodies out there.

Chris Shelton’s most excellent Thing…Yes, he has a Thing! He rolled in with it unwashed and looking like it was being USED…as it should. The top was found in the classifieds as it was missing. Way to go.

A very early example of the beloved bug.

Two 1967 convertibles although according the know-it-aller I was with the white one was sporting some 1968 equipment. Hybrid of sorts…maybe titled wrong?

Another beautiful convertible. Makes me want one…

 Convertible office. Yeah, I could be piloting this baby.

Let’s swing over to the bus section for a while. This coral and white beauty is just that…a beauty.


Growing up in Europe I used to hate these things. Now they are just coolness:


OK, I admit it…I used to hate the Karmann Ghia as well. Most of them were rusted up back then so it’s nice to see solid super straight cars like this:


More later…





If this

Greenwood Show

Another “All American” show but this show attracts it’s fair share of imports and real hot rods.

Let’s start with the LAW!
The Seattle Police museum offered up a great selection of vintage cop cars.

Now, let’s check out the Swedish stuff:

…and some English rides: Minis anyone?

I am not big on Pro Strret cars these days but this super clean Dodge pulled it off.

Super clean install makes this car worth a second look. Way to go!

Super straight Old sedanette. Me want!

Everybody thinks there are all work $200,000 after the Barret Jackson sale but nevertheless, I want one.

The interior on these are just to die for…road trip any one??

The car was just bought with the intention of tearing off the fenders and slamming a big hemi in it. I suggested he takes my highboy 31 and butcher that one instead and let me be the custodian of this piece if history. Have not head back yet…

…till next time.

Cruising Colby street, Everett WA

Being in to traditional hot rods and properly respected imports I had a hard time finding anything I liked at this “All American Car Show”. Wading through nice original muscle cars violated with stupid large wheels and rubber band tires or brand new cars with tires so soaked in Armor All that it makes a puddle on the tarmac is…sickening! Wow…so you can make payments??

So why did I go?? Well, I will not have the opportunity to hit a lot of shows this year for reasons beyond my control so felt I should get out when I can. The Humble Editor’s ’32 Ford 5W is now sporting fenders and I am starting to like it.

Even after getting up at 5:00 and getting to the show early we ended up in a long line. However, I must say that your Humble Editor’s car and my friend Doug Grande’s highboy makes a pretty parade.


The most recognizable tail fin in the world: 1959 Cadillac. Your Humble Editor used to be oga-gaga over these things but these days…not so much. That’s a good thing, we can’t all have the same cars.

Bob Mollgaard from Snohomish brought his 1950 Mercury custom. It is an old custom that he freshened up.

Bob’s car looks good from any angle.

One thing that caught my eye is how the colors blend in to each other. Not only fading up but also down if that makes any sense.

I do dig these big Mopars…to look at.

 1960 Pontiac is a fine sight from any angle.


Ok, one more Mopar. These Chargers look like they are doing 100 mph standing still.

Trevor is selling his super nice 1953 Ford Mainline. Brand new scallop paint job add to the value. 6 cylinder with a 3 speed overdrive. Contact your Humble Editor for contact information.


Austin Healey 3000


…with a super nice engine compartment

Nice Bronco


If you are in to over the top detailed hot rods…this would be for you.

I do have a weak spot for these 1957 Chevrolet four door hard top. It makes for a huge hard top opening and I like the sculptured “dip” in the rear door. Cool.

Kathleen Sexton brought her 1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air 2 door hard top.

Something for everyone: 1965 Opel Kadett Rally owned by Troy Moore from Lynnwood.

Corvair Corsa: I saw one of these in California once with a personalized license plate that said: “F NADER”

Evidence of your Humble Editor’s taste for odd stuff: Very nice Rambler wagon.


Byron Parson’s 1956 Plymouth Fury was restored to great original condition.

Patina schmatina…I am not sure if it was man made or nature…nice straight car regardless.

Then I ventured in to the VW alley…This is probably a little too red for my taste but a very nice car sporting the cool Empi wheels.




Karmann Ghia…

…with a very cool roof rack.

 Actually, this is the way I like bugs. Stock with original wheels. Can’t beat that.

Probably my favorite vehicle on the whole event. Unmolested original 1966 Bus owned by Beet Regan from Everett.

Of probably 700-1000 cars this was all that I found worthy of digital film…in my humble opinion.

VW: Pacific North West Spring Meet

As much as I like American hot rods I also enjoy other foreign cars like the vintage Volvos you have seen on this web site. Today we are going to visit a VW meet and see what all the fuss is about.

It was a cloudy but dry day for this event and I was very excited as that makes for great photography. I must say I was disappointed to find out that the meet was held inside a parking garage with incredible poor lighting. It was almost impossible to shoot these cars with the only light available was what came in from the side openings. So I am going to start this segment with an apology for the crappy pictures.

Also, the folks that arranged the show did not provide a name and model sheet to display so I can’t tell you the specific model year or the owner’s name that should get the credit.

Oh well, here are some cool German cars:

See what I mean about the light? Not even the Polaroid filter could master this.

The swap meet was just like any other swap meet except for the prices. There is some serious hysteria in certain must have VW parts.

The roof rack and vintage luggage thing has almost been overdone. Cool, but I have seen it now. Beautiful car, great colors.

Now wer’e talking! Buses are cool. It seems mandatory that they all have to sit on the ground like the suspension is broken.I understand the look but in an effort to “personalize” the vehicle they all look the same.

Matching bike.

This thing is interesting. Nice workmanship but it must offer a choppy ride with such short wheel base.

Bugs everywhere!! Get the exterminator!


I dig! Me want!



I like everything except the steering wheel. Your Humble Editor is allergic to billet and there is NO cure for this. The only thing is to stay away and not touch it!

Very nice bus though.


OK,  I admit it…this was my favorite. A totally stock restored 1965 Bug. Sitting tall and proud just like it was designed. Love the color too. I would drive this all day long.

Super clean Golf or Rabbit depending in what country you reside in. Nice!



As usual, the parking lot offered some cool rides. Besides, better light !


 Baja This !! Someone got creative. Why not?

Here we go again…another slammed one. I like it though, really like the fender mirrors.

As much as I like the multi/mega window buses i am kinda partial to these utilitarian looks buses. Looks good on those wheels as well.


Wheel detail. I dig the fact that it is not uber polished, just all business. I sure have a lot of opinions, don’t I ? Hell yes.

I end most of my event reports with: “It was a good day” because it usually IS a good day. I can’t remember a car, motorcycle or hot rod event that was ever “bad” so you may see that phrase again.

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