Goodguys, WA 2013

The fairground in Puyallup Washington was once again filled with hot rods from all over the country. The weather was perfect with sun and temps in the low eighties.

Armed with 100 SPF ultraviolet protection goop smeared all over my thin Northern European skin, sturdy boots with clean socks and my Canon shooter I embarked on a photo safari.

GG2013 1956 Chevrolet Gasser

Let’s start with the gassers. These high in the nose ruppety-ruppety cars are seen (and HEARD!) cruising around the fairgrounds all weekend. That’s a good thing as vintage cars and hot rods in motion is far more interesting than static parked vehicles.

GG2013 Willys Gasser

Like this Willys gasser…coming…

GG2013 Willys Gasser going

…and going!

Chev Gasser

The Puyallup fairground offer perfect “roads” for cruising around. You can just pull up a chair and add a cold beverage and enjoy a rolling cars show. You would see this nasty looking Chevrolet gasser rolling by…Cool !

Chevrolet Gasser going

…and there it goes!

Chevrolet 1955 Gasser

Robin Rickard from University Place brought his bad ass 1955 Chevy gasser. Ooops, I said ass. Oh well, it’s just that…bad ass.

Chevrolet 1955 Gasser engine

With a power plant like this, Robin only has one message:

Chevrolet 1955 Gasser RACE ME


OK, enough of the gasser stuff. Let’s look at some trucks!

1965 Chevrolet C-10 Truck small

Rex Faubion did not have to travel very far since he lives in Puyallup. He did however bring a very nice truck.

1965 Chevrolet C-10 Truck side

This very stock 1965 Chevrolet C-10 is flawless.

1965 Chevrolet C-10 Truck interior

The interior is as nice as the outside.

1965 Chevrolet C-10 Truck engine

The original High Torque 292 six is still doing great as the truck has very low miles. Sixes are sexy!

1953 Chevrolet Truck

Wayne Seeley from Bremerton brought this super clean 1953 Chevrolet pick up powered by the most trusted engine and transmission combo in the world: 350/350. ’nuff said about that!

1940 Ford truck

Trevor from Snohomish rolled in with style in his just assembled 1940 Ford truck. Powered by a Y-block it moves along just fine. Hauling a bad ass chopper did not hurt the look either.

1957 Ford Ranchero hood open

I think we can archive this under trucks as well. I am not a big fan of the blingy wheels but I dig the colors and stance.

I don’t like to see the hood open as it looks like they are broken down by the side of the road waiting for AAA to show up! When I asked the owner (very politely) if he could close the hood for a photo hi snickered at me. Maybe he thought I was stupid, I am not sure.

1957 Ford Ranchero hood closed

Doesn’t that look better? Anyway, moving on…

 Moving on to hot rods

1932 Ford Roadster Traditional hot rod

Dave York from Surrey, BC brought down his 1932 Ford Roadster built in a traditional hot rod style. Even the top was made in stained but nice material and it looks great. In the background you can spot Doug Grande’s equally traditional 1932 Ford five window coupe.

1932 Ford Roadster Traditional hot rod side

Looks good from any angle. Love the aggressive stance.

1935 Ford Roadster

Mike Bach from Ellensburg brought this flathead powered 1935 Ford Roadster.

1935 Ford Roadster front

1935 Ford Roadster interior


1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod

Roy Rockwell from Hoquiam brought this very nice 1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod.

1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod small block

If…I say IF, I really mean it…IF…you are going to insist on putting a small block Chevrolet in a Ford hot rod…THIS…is the ONLY way to do it. Make it look like it was just pulled out of a low mileage 1957 Chevy at the junk yard.


1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod rear

Very tasteful hot rod.

1939 Ford Coupe Baby blue

Mike Bach brought this flathead powered 1939 Ford coupe. Looks freshly built but it was already for sale. I am guessing he builds these things for a living.

1939 Ford Coupe Baby blue front

1939 Ford Coupe Baby blue interior

Nice…but that’s a lot of blue me thinks…

1932 Ford Five Window Black
Terry Skipple’s super nice 1932 Ford five window coupe

1932 Ford Sedan

Brian Aldridge’s 1932 Ford sedan is a stunner. Brian does ALL the work himself including a professional paint job.

1932 Ford Sedan up close

Yup, looks great up close.

1940 Ford Copper

In the never ending parade of rolling iron we spotted this copper 1940 Ford coupe. The beige steelies and thin white walls works well on this car.

1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod inside show small

Your Humble Editor’s latest build was displayed inside. It landed Magnum Axle Top Award, kinda cool for the owner.

Let’s end this report with some hi tech stuff. A 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback called “Mach Forty”

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Mach Fourty front

With a mid mounted engine from a GT40 car it is very different. Workmanship and quality is bar none. I did hear that the bill ended around 2 mil, I can actually believe that.

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Mach Fourty

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Mach Fourty rear

There you have it folks, another day in paradise !


Let’s check out the car corral at the swap meet

Some swap meets have an area set aside for just complete cars and this is a walk through one of them.

Let’s take a stroll:

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

How about an arrest-me-red 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury? With a Hi Performance 440, 727 Auto it should be a fun car.

Buick Cop Car

Drive around and pull people over in this vintage cop car.

1948 Dodge deLuxe 2 door

Best value at the swap: 1948 Dodge De Luxe 2 door.

1948 Dodge deLuxe 2 door rear

1948 Dodge deLuxe 2 door interior

Your humble Editor need another car like I need a hole in my head but I was close to take this one home. I just love the excessive use of chrome in the grille and dashboard.  How can you not love that steering wheel? This is an older restoration but still in nice condition and it would make a great cruiser stock or modified.

1959 Buick flat top rear

How about a Delta Winged Flyer? The 1959 Buick 4 door hard top makes for a very stylish car.

1959 Buick flat top side

I am not feeling the sixties era Riviera wheels on the car but that is an easy fix. Stock Electra hub cabs and wide white walls would make this car pop.


1959 Buick flat top

OK, I admin it! I was very close to take this one home as well until I reminded myself that my garage is only 25 feet deep! The GM four door hard top cars from 1959-1960 offers great styling.

That’s all folks…go to a swap and buy a cool vintage car and DRIVE it!


Crusing Linköping, Sweden

So you think America is the only place where motor heads cruise?

Well, that would be…incorrect. Check out these pictures fresh from Sweden. This is a Thursday night cruise that goes on all summer long in Linköping, Sweden.  All cars American are popular as well as some European classics.

As you can see, the quality of these cars rivals any car in the US.






How about a 1970 Camaro Z-28 muscle car?



This is a little too much ZZ Top for your Humble Editor but as they say in Sweden: Taste is like the rump: divided.



1970 El Camino next to a late forties Ford.

Cars like these could be seen in the US in the 50’s but this is 2013 and in Sweden. Traditional hot rods are a big thing in Sweden.


All the right stuff and the right look. Don’t know about the pimp mobile besides it but it looks like the all get along.



I was told that a lot of rubber is laid down once these folks decide to call it an evening.

There you have it. Now get out and cruise!

Photo: Lars Åström

World Famous Swindles Poker Run 2012, Part one

Well, it was time again. The end all, be all poker run held in the beutiful North West corner of Washington state. As usual, we gather in the picturesque town of LaConner. a town where history and time stood still. It makes for a great back drop as we line up our hot rods for things to come.

OK, the Pontiac in the foreground is not really a hot rod butit is cool enough to join the gang.


With the summer not wanting to quit, the day was perfect for some four wheeled hooliganism. Part of the mahem was this survivor old hot rod. I beleive it was featured in a magazine in 1964.

This model A from Kanada was just the “shitz”. Perfect detail work everywhere you look.

OK, let’s hit the road. With over eighty cars we had to stop at times to gather all the folks, The World Famous Swindles did an excellent job keeping everybody together.

It’s also nice to get out and strech your legs and check out some more cars.

Scott’s ‘banger powered Model A. Even with a leaky head gasket he showed up and tore up the roads. I understand he blew the gasket on his way home.

Another fine hot rod from Kanada

We invaded various parks and stopped to stretch our legs and swap lies.

Chris’ ’32 Roadster. An all steel rod bods car. Superfast small block and Tremec five speed. Built to use…and abuse.

Well made tub.

Tub office looks like it should…all business.

Another angle of this nice Canadian hot rod.

 More coming from this event soon…

More from the GoodGuys 2012 show

A good car show offers something for everyone and here are some rides that caught my eye walking thru the GoodGuys 2012 show:

Cars in motion is the bestest…can you say that?? Sure. Parked static cars are boring but to hear and see them roll by is always fun. Sometimes you can even feel them as they rumble by. This Buick looks great cruising the fairground.

Cars do not have to be perfect to look cool. This 1957 Chevrolet Nomad has the right stance and attitude to look right.  I suppose the mandatory surfboards doesn’t hurt the look either.

Maybe it’s my age but I am starting to like stock looking cars more and more. Also, a sedan like this car makes for a very comfortable and practical ride. Some modern brakes and suspension component underneath a car like this would be the “shitz” as they say.

This Chevrolet convertible was treated to a tastful custom job as well as a shave.
We dig.

Here is another clean and stock looking Ford sedan.

With an interior like this, how can you go wrong?

Lou Alderman from Yakima WA brought his 1934 Ford 5 window coupe to the event.

American Muscle at it’s best. Gotta live love the body lines on the 60’s and early 70’s Mopar cars. Most of them look like they are doing 100 mph standing still. I know the fit and finish was pretty bad when they rolled off the assembly lines so these are cars worth doing a better job than the factory when you restore them.

Cary Lang from Federal Way in Washinton brought this gorgeous 1970 Plymouth GTX to the show. The car is equipped with a 440 six pack and shifted through a Hurst operated four speed transmssion.

The oversize “GTX” emblems on this car makes sure any Ford or Chevy owner know not to bother with a challange.

Looks good in action.


“Hemi Honker” is owned by Dennis and Pam McColly from Salem Oregon. It is a 1964 Dodge Polara sporting a 605 Hemi shifted by a Jerico Transmission.


The thru-the-fenders exhaust adds to the all business look of this car.

Again…cars look thier best while moving…even if it’s just crusing around the failgrounds


Got wood? Bob Diachuk from White Rock, BC got some…in his 1948 Ford woodie.

The detail work on this car is impeckable.

This is how you set up an early fifties Chevy. Not too low, slicks in back. We dig!

Remember these?

In the department “Something different” we introduce this 1962 Studebaker Daytona.

John and Vicki Boivin from Puyallup brought this beauty.

1962 Studebaker Daytona

Powered by a tri-powered equipped small block it makes for a defferent and dependable cool car.

Abedebedebede…That’s all, Folks!

The Beggers Annual Hot Rod Show

This event gets better and better. The local traditional car club Beggers is responsible for this affair. The setting at the local nursery could not be better.

They feed us great food and served up some serious rockabilly from Moses and his crew.

The weather was perfect and the setting couldn’t be better.


Let’s check out some of the rides:

Shoe boxes, anyone? One of the better years of Fords designs.


This roadster was featuring some very nice workmanship.

Not a traditional hot rod but the super nice Cadillac rolled in and we did not mind.


Mark Anderson’s 1931 Ford roadster.

Chad’s Rambler wagon.

I dig how the top roof panel opens up the whole cargo space.

 Gotta love his tool box. Yup, I  have tool box envy !


This Indian was restored to perfection. The side car started life as a military unit and civilian model chrome was added.

The nursery where the event was held has lots of old and vintage farm equipment on display. Makes for a great backdrop.

Thank You World Famous Beggers for a god time. See you next year.

Cascade Kombis Annual Meet

Every year the North West VW fans get together at the Shoreline Community College site for a  vintage VW show. would guess about 300 cars, trucks and buses showed up. Also, a rather large swap meet is there to help you find the hard parts. I am rather jealous as if this was a vintage Volvo meet there would have been…ahem…eight cars or so.

I also learned some of the lingo used to describe models or options…like…”divorce stand, fried egg blinkers, split window, spoon handle and bay-window” bus!!

This is referred to as a “low light Ghia” with the head lights at a lower position on the front fenders. I think it one of the most beautiful bodies out there.

Chris Shelton’s most excellent Thing…Yes, he has a Thing! He rolled in with it unwashed and looking like it was being USED…as it should. The top was found in the classifieds as it was missing. Way to go.

A very early example of the beloved bug.

Two 1967 convertibles although according the know-it-aller I was with the white one was sporting some 1968 equipment. Hybrid of sorts…maybe titled wrong?

Another beautiful convertible. Makes me want one…

 Convertible office. Yeah, I could be piloting this baby.

Let’s swing over to the bus section for a while. This coral and white beauty is just that…a beauty.


Growing up in Europe I used to hate these things. Now they are just coolness:


OK, I admit it…I used to hate the Karmann Ghia as well. Most of them were rusted up back then so it’s nice to see solid super straight cars like this:


More later…





If this

All Chevrolet Show

The XXX restaurant in Issaquah offer something fun almost every weekend. I was riding by and since the camera was in the saddle bag it was a good excuse to swing in and shoot some cars. Do you know what they have at all Chevy shows?? A ton of…Chevrolets.

This all stock 1952 truck was a favorite. Owned by Ron Payne and Debbie Beatenbough it was sitting tall and proud on stock suspension.

An absolute orgie in turquise!

Bipty-sebben-chebbies are all OK but I prefer these older Chevrolets. This mild custom is tastefully excecuted.

“She’s so fine…Bla,bla,bla”

When did you see a Yenko Chevelle last?

John Byerley brought out his 1969 427 Yenko car.

Yenko tuned 427…all business.

Clean Bibty Sebben Chebby

1951 Chevrolet with a 235 6 cyl engine. Very nice.

OK, that’s enough Chevrolets for a while.

Local Cruise Night

“Cruise” night to me means cruising, as in moving cars. Well these days it pretty much mean parking at the local grocery store parking lot and just hanging out.

I prefer to see American iron in action especially at dawn and night as the street lights adds to the effects of chrome and amber park lights. Having said that, this is a good social thing to do over a hamburger or a milk shake.

Sorry for the shadows. The rare occasion of sun shine has hit our state and we don’t know what to do with it! Anyway, deal with it and enjoy some cool cars.

Let’s start with this beautiful Ford 3W coupe.

i think these DeSoto coupes have some amazing lines.

This detail is an excellent example how they don’t make ’em like the used to…

The dash isn’t too bad either…

Impala convertible…

…with a little bit of chrome!

I got a soft spot for these early fifties Chevrolets.


1959 Impala steering wheel is a nice touch as well.

Another favorite…1959 DeSoto

 Looks good from every angle.

Greenwood Show

Another “All American” show but this show attracts it’s fair share of imports and real hot rods.

Let’s start with the LAW!
The Seattle Police museum offered up a great selection of vintage cop cars.

Now, let’s check out the Swedish stuff:

…and some English rides: Minis anyone?

I am not big on Pro Strret cars these days but this super clean Dodge pulled it off.

Super clean install makes this car worth a second look. Way to go!

Super straight Old sedanette. Me want!

Everybody thinks there are all work $200,000 after the Barret Jackson sale but nevertheless, I want one.

The interior on these are just to die for…road trip any one??

The car was just bought with the intention of tearing off the fenders and slamming a big hemi in it. I suggested he takes my highboy 31 and butcher that one instead and let me be the custodian of this piece if history. Have not head back yet…

…till next time.