1931 Ford roadster parts chasing

A hot rod should have it’s own personality and you don’t achieve this but installing mail order components. For example, I am always on the look-out for interesting guages for my hot rod builds. Usually something comes along that grabs my attention at a swap meet or in this case, my friends garage.

This 1947 Volvo PV 444 instrument cluster was doing service as garage art but now it will once again do what it was designed to do: report speed and other vital information about the engine.

The model A roaster will use this1932 style dash. I did not waste any time testing the fit. I approve. Volvo cluster it is.

Now I best get back to the ’32 Ford and the issues with the rear wheels.

Project: 1931 Ford Roadster


1931 Ford model A roadster hot rod

Starting with a decent 1931 Ford body we can start building a hot rod.

1931 Ford model A roadster hot rodI had a Sport Coupe that I sold and the chassis under it turned out to be very nice. I decided to just sit on it for now, it may be useful.

Dial in the mechanical brakes, maybe a better steering box, reversed eye front spring, maybe some banger hop up parts and call it a day?? As in just drive the bejeesus outta it!
This is a long term project and I am still collecting parts for it. I just LOVE collecting parts for it ! The parts found can and will many times alter the direction of the project. Love that too.

Stay tuned…